Low potassium

Hello my last visit to the rhemotologist 3 months ago found my potassium levels to be lie 3.3 so he prescribed 10mg twice a day potassium supplements my bloodwork this time showed it low again 3.3 has anyone have the same problem? I am extremely. Tired?

Hi Silver blue,

My husband has this problem from time to time, and they usually give him liquid potassium for it. Here is some info that may be helpful.



I was using a weight loss APP on my phone to count calories. It also had a feature to see how much of the major nutrients you are eating. I was SHOCKED that although I was eating in a healthy manner, my daily intake of potassium was ridiculously low. I think more potassium intake might help with my high blood pressure. What foods are best, other than potatoes and bananas? I know dried apricots are very good and you can get them now without sulfites.

Hi Silver Blue. Yes, I also had low potassium on my blood work. Since Nomad had it too, I wonder if this is related to SS. I'm getting sick of bananas, too, Nomad. I'll have to look up what else has potassium in it.

It can definitely be associated with Sjogren's. That is how I was diagnosed. I went to the doctor because I was extremely fatigued. Blood work showed my potassium level to be very low so I was prescribed potassium and referred to a kidney specialist. From additional tests, he diagnosed Renal Tubular Acidosis and Sjogren's Syndrome and immediately put me on high dose potassium. I have to have regular blood tests to check the potassium, sodium and acid levels. I also have to take extra sodium to keep those levels from bottoming out.

Saw on FB these foods high in potassium;
Winter squash
Avocados from Fla
Dried apricot

Thanks, Nomad. Wow, reading your posts Kaz and Felter, I'm learning so much. My doctor poo-poo'd my low potassium and said, "Oh, it's not THAT low". We have VERY dismissive doctors in this city. They are all the same. My GFR is 57 which is Stage 3, but I think that's from the chemo I had back in 1997. But I'm going to tell the doctor to watch for the Renal Tubular Acidosis is that is related to the low potassium in the blood. The last time I went, it was back in range -- but low in range -- but I was eating a ton of bananas every day.

Ha! Just had a recollection. When I was in my twenties, I was on prednisone and a diuretic. My potassium counts were on the low side, but my doctor didn’t say anything. One night, I got crazy cramping. My hands turned inward and went spastic. I couldn’t control my hands or fingers. I called the service. I got his partner and was told to eat several bananas while my husband filled an rx for potassium. But, they never took it all that seriously. I understand it relatively frequently can cause heart failure if left untreated. Wise of you and all of us to pay attention to our levels.

Hi Guys,

I cant stomach more bananas but I craving and eating mangos like crazy.. Never ever liked them before. Anyone else know what they migt be helping.


Hi Mads -- I just read that manoges have a good amount of potassium. About 3/4 the amt that bananas have, but still a good amount. I LOVE mangoes too! They are so juicy and easy to digest. They are a starchy fruit like bananas.

Thanks DLT88. Isnt amazing how the body just knows what it needs.

They havent ever checked my potassium. Im so tired i cant lift my head off pillow most days. Im so grateful for this community. You feel you are going crazy sometimes.

Big hug

God bless


Thank/you all for your input of low pottassium just went to the store got orange juice mangos tuna bananas trying to pump as much potassium as possible. I barely could get dressed to go shopping I will keep everyone posted how it goes. Thanks!

Mads, I would definitely ask them check things like potassium. I tell my doctor exactly what I want run on my blood tests and she usually obeys. ;) Other than that, she's not much of a doctor. I just think of her as a blood test orderer.

I hope you start feeling better, Silver Blue. Yes, keep us posted on how that goes. I'm glad you posted about that because I never thought about the potassium/SS connection.

Um, mangos, you're speaking my language! We used to go to a Thai restaurant and a specialty of the Chef was Mango Fish! Fabulous! My husband took me to the Bahamas, and we fell in love with Mango rum! The closest you can come here is the Cruzan brand! We don't drink much anymore, but I fell in love with many of the Caribbean rums!

Anyway there are many good things about mangos!


BTW, the mangos contain manganese, my GP told me it is often a vitamin overlooked when testing for deficiencies!

Yes mangoes are. Pretty good here in Florida I also heard that low potassium is mistaken for. Low magnesium ? See what you can research

Potassium is in so many foods that we shouldn't ordinarily be low. So it is really important to find out what is going on.

I respectfully disagree. I think very little potassium is in many foods. Ironically, some foods have a lot like dried apricots. When I used my Fit Day APP, I was surprised how very little pot. I was eating. And I was eating very healthy foods. But my selections just happened to be low in potassium. If you combine food selections that are not high in potassium with a medication that depletes potassium, you could eventually have trouble. I think this is an area we need to be aware and eat some high potassium foods daily and this goes double if you are taking one of those draining meds.