Migraines and such

I had maybe the worse migraine ever on Friday and I just could not get rid of it, anyone else have horrible migraines and what have you been taking to get rid of them. I used to take medications for it but they never really helped so after awhile I just started taking Excedrin Migraine and it worked better than the meds the doctor prescribed me. I’ve also heard of nose spray that is known to help with Migraines and I’m seeing if anyone has any info on that too, good, bad, or ugly I want to know because any information is helpful. Thanks you guys.

Sorry to hear about the migraines. Yes, I’ve been dealing with migraines for quite some time. I do have triptans as a rescue med, both maxalt which is a dissolvable and injectable imitrex. I think the nasal one that you mention is a different formulation of imitrex, but I’m not one hundred percent certain. I try to mix it up a bit, especially if I’m getting frequent migraines. And yes, excedrin migraine is one that is in my rotation.

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