Must be brain fog!

What I wanted to say was that the other HIDA scans were done before SJS kicked in. Sometimes I am really frightened by the state of my mind. Fibro plays a part but the rest I believe is probably due to stress...So the question of course is how did you manage not drinking anything for hours before the HIDA scan

Sorry about not being very computer literate and being in such a state.

Hi hopeā€¦. I haven't had that test done but I wanted to offer a little support on the state of mind. Brain fog stinks and it can be scary as you are aware its happening. If it helps any- stress and lack of sleep can definitely add to it and make it worse. It isn't likely a permanent state so much as episodic. Hang in there!!!!

You're doing fine hopewell, we all understand, and I'm probably the least computer savvy one here! When I had my scan done, they immediately gave me a drink and a muffin, so ASK!

Speaking of brain fog, deja vu has new meaning to me, "seems I've forgotten this before"! ha!