Hida scan

Back with another day and another problem. Tomorrow I am to have a HIDA scan with nothing to drink for 4 hours before the test starts. Have any of you had this scan? How did you get through it with nothing to drink for hours? I have had several before but that was post SJS. Should have had the GB out years ago.

Hi hopewell,

I went through about 20 years of digestive problems and pain before, I was rushed to the ER, of course all of the prior tests were repeated, but it was only the hida scan that showed that my GB was completely dead. It was normal size, no stones, so it looked fine on all other tests. I was admitted through the ER, with a heart monitor. I kept telling them it was NOT my heart, but digestive, most likely the GB. It is supposed to open and close, mine had absolutely no movement. It was discovered days before Easter, and I was planning the huge family dinner and egg hunt for the kids. Never happened, though I told my Doc it could wait, he pulled rank and found me a surgeon pronto, and it was instant relief!

I didn't even notice that I was dry, it just didnt' seem to matter at that point.

I hope that they can determine the cause of your malaise and take the proper action to get you to a much better place. Hopefully this will be the test the 'tells the tale' for you! Best part is that it is a non-invasive test, seems there are too few of those!

Wishing you well,