Nausea and loss of appetite

Anyone has had nausea for more than two weeks specially in the mornings, because I have PSjogrens and I been feeling very nauseated in the mornings and through out the day I lack appetite. Please let me know if it has happened to you too.
I am taking:
Plaquenil 2pills in the night
Evoxac 1 pill
Prednisone 5mg. Morning and night
Metotrexate 2.5mg once a week
Please let me know if you have had the same situation im kind of worried

yes sometimes im have nausea i take sevella at night im supossed to take it twice a day but i find if I take it the morning i feel sick.

I took Plaquenil twice a day for 4 years, along with Prednisone daily, and weekly Methotrexate, and a lot of other meds for my fibromyalgia and arthritis.I felt so bad and sick that I quit the Plaquenil months ago and feel much better. I lost a good bit of weight but have struggled with my weight my entire life, so that was good, except I was so weak. Since I stopped the Plaquenil, my appetite increased, thanks to the Prednisone too! I have to really eat very little to maintain what I had lost.

I have determined that a lot of my stomach and pain troubles comes from gluten and can maintain much better without it, though it is very hard because I love bread and pasta. The gluten free bread and pasta available is terrible and expensive. I have made gluten free bread on occasion with some success.

yes, i have a lot of nausea and lack of appetite. have you tried taking the two plaquenil at separate times? they have me taking one in the morning and one at night.

just a side note: i was experiencing the nausea/vomiting before taking plaquenil

Yes, I also feel nauseous in the morning and not much of an appetite. I'm on plaquenil and evoxac as well. I always thought it was just because I've been so tired and it's been "too early". But really it's been like noon and I'm still not hungry. My stomach/eating schedule is all messed up it seems of late. :/

I too feel nauseous in the mornings. I take hydroxychloroquine twice a day (which I think is generic plaquenil?) however I am in a lot of pain without it so I guess it’s kind of the lesser of two evils. I usually don’t eat much during the day because of it which has made me over eat in the evenings, something I need to work on for sure. It’s hard cuz I have 3 pills I take in the mornings and two in the evenings and I have to take them with food but in the mornings eating is hard cuz I’m so nauseous and in the evenings I end up with acid reflux

Do you find that plauenil makes you extremely hot? Break out in a sweat out of the blue?

I had taken Plaquenil for 4 yrs and had quit due to loss of appetite and weakness, but was on hormone therapy.
This year my ins decided not to pay for my hormones, and sure to the increase in pain and elevated liver enzymes from Methotrexate, I started back on the Plaquenil.
The loss of appetite has returned but now joined by the daily cold sweats and nightly drenchings, literally.
I am up and down all night sweating, then get up and move to the couch during the day. My house has become a disaster and I fear I may not be able to continue like this.
There has to be something better…

I had night sweats which were related to menopause and decrease in estrogen. I wonder if yours is caused because of your going off the hormone therapy. I also went off estrogen therapy and it took several years for the symptoms to completely subside. Hope you find some relief. That is miserable.