Hi all, just wondering if anyone else suffers with nausea. My specialist hasn't come across that as part of Sjogren's before until me. I have to have another endoscopy to find out what could be causing it. Last one I had 2 years ago just showed I have GORD. It makes it hard to eat because I just feel like to vomit all the time. I'm suffering with fatigue at the moment, joints are very achy, my eyes are dry and mouth isn't too bad, well it's bearable. My skin is dry but my feet in parts just peels away. I'm trying to keep upbeat though.

Hi Vetty,

As far as the Plaquinil, it could be causing the nausea, and some members say it is best taken at night. The Pilocarpine can be causing it as well as the Prednisone. So the three meds you listed on you profile could all be causing the nausea.

As for gerd, I suffered it for years before having my gall bladder removed, hoping that would solve the problem, but I still had gerd. I mentioned this to my Chiropractor and he recommended a plant based supplement that contained enzymes to help break down all food groups, explaining that as we get older, our body produces less and less enzymes to digest foods, and that the antacid meds just take away those already lacking enzymes.

For me this is what keeps the gerd away, but keep in mind, I do not take any of these meds. Please make certain to speak to your Doctor before adding any supplements.

GERD can be improved with omeprazole and rebamipide (mucosta) worth discussing this with your GP.

Rebamipide is not available in the UK but is I believe in USA and Canada.

I suffer from nausea as well but mine is due to medications. I have been diagnosed with Sjogren's for more years than I can remember. Because of this, I am on quite a few prescriptions to help with the symptoms. Unfortunately for me, nausea is always the result of taking so many pills. So, my rheumy usually changes my meds every 6 months to 'readjust' my system. (BTW: I also suffer from GORD too) Nausea meds help some but make me so sleepy that I barely can function so I don't take them (even at only 1/8 of a tablet). I wish you the best of luck and don't give up with trying to find an answer for you. Keep the faith and stay upbeat!! That's half the battle...

After listening to an online seminar yesterday on Leaky Gut Syndrome,

I think the nausea is a little like the chicken and the egg.

SS and LGS are both basically autoimmune diseases

so the actual cure would be to heal the autoimmune system. imho

I was taking prescription and otc antacids which did no good.

In this presentation they said to concentrate on enzymes and diet to solve the problem

and heal the gut. When I do that, I do feel better.

I am not taking medications for the SS as they don't help me and the side effects are worse.

Hi Vetty1. I get hit with nausea off and on. I'm on NO MEDS so this is part of Sjogren's. I notice that my nausea completely lets up when I drink a little water so the SS is probably drying out the stomach which leads to the nausea. SS is badly attacking my digestive tract and drying it all up so there is no protection to the linings. So this may be happening to you as well.

I too have nausea and a recent ultra sound shows I have many large gallstones. I see a GI next month to deal with that issue. I was on Plaquenil but it seemed to make the nausea much worse. Currently I'm not on any meds for SS as my liver numbers shot way up and that issue needs to be addressed before giving me something else that can possibly cause more damage to my liver.

Sjogrens causes damage to the mucosal lining of the whole gut mouth to anus. Made much worse by lack of saliva which is slightly alkaline as well as moisturing and lubricating.

Rebamipde has a good profile for protecting and restoring the mucosa .

Am very careful about all of these claims for Paleo diet leaky gut etc being the cause of everything - so many vested interests in selling books and food supplememts too.

But I have tried Chinese herbal medicines as they have some scientific test data ( no benefit so far after 6 months but no side effects either)

Thank you very much for this insight. Explains better than anything what's happening to my entire digestive system.

DLT88 said:

Hi Vetty1. I get hit with nausea off and on. I'm on NO MEDS so this is part of Sjogren's. I notice that my nausea completely lets up when I drink a little water so the SS is probably drying out the stomach which leads to the nausea. SS is badly attacking my digestive tract and drying it all up so there is no protection to the linings. So this may be happening to you as well.

Isn't life fun???!! I agree with everything already shared but felt I needed to reconnect with this fabulous support group of friends. I also suffer with nausea but Zofram in small doses works great and doesn't make me sleepy and flat ginger ale works too. If you ask your pharmacy they keep Coke syrup in stock. That's what I prefer and I was introduced to that the syrup when I was pregnant 41 years ago....still works great and it's not another 'real' medicine.

I have a personal question to ask: Does anyone else suffer from out of control yeast? I use a prescription cream and special powder which usually works, but if I have had a lot of pain, which causes me to stress and worry I can promise you I'll have an infection that won't respond to anything until I calm down. I hate it! Mix that with PsA, Sjogrens, peripheral neuropathy, 22 teeth with cavities and it's no wonder I am suffering from depression!

So sorry for venting but this week has been terrible. I must work and was told last week they are interviewing people for my job....they are pushing me out and I am only 62 and can not qualify for Medicare yet. As a widow, I am the sole support and I am terrified. Thanks for listening to my rant!!!!!!!!

Thankyou everyone this has been helpful and to know I'm not alone. In 2005 I had my gall bladder out because this was making me quite sick. I have changed my diet to more gluten free and lactose free milk to help with things. I find it doesn't matter what I eat or drink I just feel yuck. Thankyou for your suggestions I really appreciate the information, cheers Vetty

I also suffer so often of nausea. It is part of sjogrens. I take ondansetron 4 mg when it is so bad. Sometimes I feel I get more nauseated after I inject the metrotrexate.

I think the loose stools and diarrhea we get from Sjogrens is because it's affecting our livers and/or it's drying up our protective mucosal layer and so our intestines get irritated so easily if we eat something as simple as tomato sauce a few times in a row. Ketsup will send me to the toilet for days so I avoid that now. Of course, SS could be drying our enzymes in the pancreas and stomach and SI -- so the undigested particles lead to the loose stools and diarrhea. Blech. to a Labor lawyer asap. Between the age and your health you have a strong case against them. Even if staying there after this becomes difficult maybe a large buyout and insurance package can be arranged.

Nana, I am also having uncontrollable yeast infections! I felt like I was the only one! It’s been very helpful scrolling through these discussions and finding new information

I also have nausea. According to my GP it is caused by the pain I have all the time. The worse the pain the worse the nausea. I have Omeprazole on prescription. Perhaps if I didn't have those it would be worse. I find a drink of Coke helps and also if I suck a Salivix tablet which I have to relieve my dry mouth. Or anything sweet helps.

whether I feel like eating can vary a lot.