Neurontin/Gabapentin Experience

I'm curious about something. We are seeing wider use of this med as an analgesic for nerve pain. One of the more common effects is excess saliva proeduction. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this med?

I’m taking 400mg three times a day. To be honest, I haven’t seen any difference in my pain level (which is through the roof right now) since I just started this dosage about 2 weeks ago. I don’t know about the increased saliva production, but, when I chew gum, I do have more saliva. I didn’t know that could be from the Gabapentin. Even with the increased saliva, I am still desperately thirsty.

I’m hoping I’ll notice more pain relief in the coming weeks. If you start Gabapentin, I hope it works for you.


I took 600 MG 3 xs a day and couldn't feel improvement but that's when my mouth got really dry and eyes. I was on it for about 6-8 months and then talked to pharmacist and weaned myself off. Rheumatologist did all tests for Sjoren's and they were negative but I do have RA.

Look on Internet for side effects. I didn't like it. God luck.

I found this post very interesting. I do find my saliva production inconsistent, and generally speaking probably not as bad as others who post here. My rheumie says when he looks in my mouth, I seem to have an acceptable amount of saliva. Some days I’m fine. When I eat salty foods, I’m absolutely not fine. I rub the GABApentin, which is in my compounding cream right on my face, near my ear. Super interesting.

Years ago, I tried tablets by mouth for migraines. Horrible. Did not help my migraines at all and caused significant weight gain.

Can’t recall if my salvia production improved after I got on Gabapentin, but I haven’t worsened over time (about four or five years now since dx) like some folks.

I wish I had experienced increased salivation, but that wasn’t to be for me.

Please remember that this is not an analgesic. It works by altering how the neurons in our brain and nervous system work.

My side effects were not bad until I began experiencing aphasia that cost me my job as an emergency dispatcher. I did have weight gain, but the trade off for me was worth it. Unfortunately it appeared also to be contributing to my Dystonia, making it a drug I could no longer take.

I should add that I was taking it for my Migraine and headache problems.

Good luck. I think trying medicines are really important when we have problems that don’t follow the rules. There are side effects to every medicine, but you will not get them all. The trick is to have a great doc who will work with you, and taking the time to be patient and proactive so you have the confidence to try something because you know your options.

Hi tj, I started with gabapentin, but did not last long enough to answer that question. It really helped the nerve pain, but it made me feel like I was in a spinning top.

I have taken Lyrica for at least 7-8 years. I just went through about a week with the flu, and could not keep anything down, including Meds. The sciatica and general nerve pain down my legs was horrific! I was SO glad to resume this med. it works VERY well. There are times when I get a gush of saliva and it’s a welcome surprise! Sometimes the slobber gushes! It is a totally different sensation from my normal incredibly dry mouth, but does not ladt lI never heard it attributed to this med, but welcome it anytime! If it happens on public, I laugh it off.

My big problem with the med is fluid retention. For the first 2 or 3 days, despite the vomiting from the flu, I was peeing every 10-20 minutes round the clock!

My Internist does not want me to start diuretics unless it’s totally necessatry to, he tells me once you start them, you will always need them!

I think that is smart of your internist, SK. It's awful when one med causes you to have to take another and then diuretics seem to leech potassium and that would be awful if one became dependent upon them.

I know some people have had great luck with Lyrica, but I was on a low dosage for nerve pain and my feet swelled up so bad one day, I couldn't put my shoes on. It helped moderately with the pain, so a higher dosage may have helped more.

We will never know...because I just could not accept that side effect, especially since I was taking a low dosage....didn't want to find out what would happen to me on a higher dosage.

I thank my lucky stars that I've gotten some decent help with the compounding cream...the side effects are reduced going this route.

I have been on Gabapentin for over a year or more. It works well for the neuropathy pain in my thighs, but I haven't noticed any increase in my saliva at all.

I've been on Gralise since November and I haven't seen any difference in saliva amounts, though mine isn't terrible yet. Just annoying at times. I have to be careful eating as it is more an issue in the throat, usually.…and I am the same a Nomad. If I eat salty foods, I'm not fine either. I had no idea that gabapentin could affect saliva but it hasn't for me anyway. However, its made a big difference in the nerve pain. I have a harder time keeping weight off now too, though the gain has only been a few pounds. Still wouldn't go backwards to that pain.

I am taking 3x300 mg Gabapentine a day. Besides that I take Duclofenac, Esomeprazol, Plaquenil, Prednisolon, Tramadol/Paracetamol, Panadol. So I really don’t know what are the side effect from what. The dry mouth and dry eyes are not my main problem though, it is the neurological pain what kills me. Still does, so I do not dare to stop one of these medicines, otherwise it could be far more Worse. Been on Lyrica as well, causes very dry mouth, especially during the night. Plus I was so drugged from it I couldn’t drive my car. Stopped it and got Gabapentine.

I agree this Gab I can not live without before I found out I had this I had nerve pain so bad I went to the hospital 3 times!!!

Hello, I use Neurontin for migraines and mouth is not as maybe that is the reason??????

I currently take neurontin 3 times daily. I have not experienced increased salvation, however I have heard other non-Sjogrens patients mention this as a side-effect when they took higher doses or more frequent does of the medication.

I'm taking gabapentin 600mg 3 times a day. I've been on it for over a year and it never helped my dry mouth one little bit. I didn't get relief from the dry mouth until I went on the cevimeline. I have a pinched nerve that has never gone away and the gabapentin worked great, It completely takes the pain away once it kicks in. When it wears off the pain is back so I know it works. I had zero side effects from it. So I guess I'm one of the lucky ones that gabapentin helps. Meds work different for everyone so you got to try it to know if it will help you.

Hello…i take same neurotin dose as you…i take it for migraines and fibromyalgia…i just put up with the m and nose dryness…i had plugs put in my tear ducts…this was a great help for dry eyes…my biggest problems with sjogrens is chronic fatigue, migraines and muscle pain…i have flares and then days I feel ok…just keeps cycling

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Hi...I also suffer from chronic fatigue, dry mouth,muscle pain, joint pain/stiffness,chronic headaches. Mine works the same I have a few good days then a few bad days a very bad cycle indeed!

Hi...I'm on same dosage of Gabapentin it helps my neuropathy in my arms & legs but not very much in my hands which are more extreme. I think I need a dosage increase. Worth a try, it does help some and I haven't had any side effects from it.

I have been sick for 15 yrs…diagnosed with sjogrens 6m yrs ago…the migraines are terrible…have average 8 a month…add mucle pain and fatigue…life altering…can not be a normal active person…have to pass up most family outings