New here just a question about SSJ

Good evening , I had this bump on the bottom of my foot went to see a foot Dr for it and she looked at it and thought I steped on a nail but told her no there was a abscess with a canal on it my foot swelled up . has anyone else had or heard of anything like this ?

Celulitis! Be careful if it starts to spread up your foot and turn red go back to the er for IV antibiotics!

No she just cut top off and under that there was some puss and she cleaned it out and wrapped it had to go back this week and it looks good but I will still keep a eye on it . She also put me on meds for the infection .

Hey 68, hope that continues ot heal up for you!

Sending good thoughts your way!

Checking in with you, to see how you are, extra!

Good afternoon SK im hanging in there what ever the bump is it’s looks like it’s coming back hurts . I can’t believe the stuff I’m finding out about the SS alot of stuff is starting to come all together as I think through the years and the problems that I’ve had. the symptoms and some of the stuff that I’ve gone through in the past belongs now I’m sure it’s SS thank you for checking on me have a wonderful day weekend :slight_smile:

I know extra, looking back, we can make sense of many things that either never made sense, we thought were normal, as they were normal to us, or it was just dismissed, because the Doctors or parents didn't know either! Surely there are even more scenarios.

Best to get back to the Doc, or to an ER, please don't wait!