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I found out that I have sjogrens in Oct. My dry eyes are the worst. Now my hair is falling out. This is all depressing me.

Hi @RitaT! Dry eyes can be really painful. If you’re not already using drops that work to increase tear production I encourage you to look into this with your doctor. There are also things that you can be doing at home, including using a night time ointment and warm compresses. I have to tell you that the warm compresses have really made a difference for me.

Thanks I have been ODing on the drops my doctor recommended, but need to do
the warm compresses. The nighttime gel feels so soothing, but it is
temporary relief.
Thanks agin

Interestingly enough, I don’t use drops during the day. Even the preservative free drops seem to make the burning in my eyes worse. That’s part of why I use the compresses during the day when needed. It’s typically not just a problem of not enough tears, but also poor tear quality. Warm compresses help improve the tear quality by increasing the amount of oil.

Thanks for the advise. I’ll try the compresses, the eye drops r not doing
any good.