Anyone sleep in goggles?

Used them a couple of times about 3 years ago and found they were more trouble that they are worth; I find gel drops and warm compresses do the trick!

I use the nighttime ointment, and find that this is sufficient at night. I do warm compresses at least one time a day as well, but I don't use drops during the the day. My eyes always feel worse after using them.

I use the gel drops in the shower (a very warm shower); I put them in, close my eyes and let the warm water run over them for a couple of minutes proceeding with my shower and that takes me through the day. I find the gel drops are best for this treatment.

I don't sleep in goggles, but I do have these goggles and use them occasionally during the workday. I am on the computer my entire day at work and there are times when the combination of Sjogren's and seasonal allergies push the dry eyes over the edge. I find a 30 minute break with the compresses provided and the goggles will force me to relax the eyes. The compresses are used wet and warmed so it is like a bit of a sauna for your eyes. I also use Restasis twice a day and OTC gel drops at night.

Hi Km,

Is this the brand that you use? I think I am going to try this, can you point me in the right direction, please?

Stoney and Goddess, I know after a while my eyes feel like I've been using Elmers glue, instead of moisture eye drops! UGH!

I used Restais early on and the burn just never left, so that's out!

I'm not sure about sleeping in this 'gear', you know? LOL!

I believe in keeping it as simple as possible; when I first reached out to the Sjogren's Foundation they really pushed this as being the best thing since sliced bread, but found that it was more trouble than it was worth i.e. it didn't work for me, but whatever works is the thing to do. I was also prescribed Restasis, but after a year my Ophthalmologist said "that her patients didn't feel any significant improvement and they are very expensive, so she has stopped recommending it", and asked me what I thought. I stopped using them!

I feel like I just want to take the garden hose to my eyes right now!

I tried that eye ointment, it was like putting vaseline in my eyes, ICK, hated it! Threw it out!

This is the brand I purchased. I find them to be comfortable and they come with multiple compresses. The instruction guide that was included was very simple to follow. They say you can sleep in them, I haven't reached a point where that has been necessary. The daily use during a work break has been very helpful to me. Good luck!

SK said:

Hi Km,

Is this the brand that you use? I think I am going to try this, can you point me in the right direction, please?

Dear Darlings,

Just got back from seeing a new Optha and she was up on all the new good eye stuff; just awesome! She said "for a fast fix, when drops are not available and you are not in a place where you can drop everything to put in drops, BLINK, several times, slowly, because when both upper and lower lids come together it cause the natural oils in our eyes to lubricate the lacrimal ducts therefore moisturizing the eyes. Good to know! Then she recommended preservative-free eye drops, Thera Tears, Systane and Refresh all have these and they are individual little vials (the same presentation as Restasis); she said that "other eye drops and gels usually contain preservatives which can irritate rather than alleviate; this also makes it easy to take a couple with you while on the go. There are also Night Treatment Gels with are not icky like the ointments that are the most common; Systane is one that she knows is well liked by her patients. And the warm compresses on top of that, just because it feels so good!!!! More later, All!

Amen to that! I get migraines easily and I quickly learned that I need preservative free drops. Since we are using them so often, I think it is best all around. I like P Free Refresh Optive Sensitive Lubricant: dual action/lubricates and hydrates dry eyes. Love it!!! Knock on wood, it works very well for me. Dave also heard good things about Systane, but haven’t tried it yet.