Hi all, so glad I found you! Do any of you have low blood pressure due to SS? How about a chronic cough? I’ll try to be active here and support as much as I can too just trying to learn as much as I can about this disease. Thank you!

Hi Patty! I don't know about the blood pressure, although there certainly can be all sorts of nervous system dysfunctions.

The cough certainly can be part of it for a number of reasons. Bring it up to your doctor. I wound up bringing up a dry cough that I had for almost 2 years, as well as shortness of breath. For me it wound up being asthma, and it's manageable. My point? You'll need testing to determine what's going on.

Hi Stoney and Patty. I’m new to this group and trying to figure out how to comment. I hope this works. I too have been finding myself short of breath after certain activities like just skinning stairs! I am finally seeing a rheumatologist on 8/5 and I hope to get some answers to all the questions I have. Thank you for your support. Just feeling I’m not alone helps me greatly! It’s tough when you look healthy, but just don’t have stamens and people think you’re lazy! Ty!!

You definitely aren't alone. This comes up a lot but I feel like it bares repeating…there are two really good readings for us to share with people that sometimes help them understand what we deal with,including the fluctuations in energy. The first is the (now) classic The Spoon Theory. It was written by a young woman with Lupus but is very fitting for us. The second is my personal favorite as its more encompassing of this journey. An Open Letter to those without Sjorgren's Syndrome.

Know that we are all here for each other.

Welcome Patty. I’m new also. Dry cough for sure.

Hi Patty,

I too had shortness of breath and it hurt to take a deep breath. My primary care doc sent me to a Pulmonologists and she diagnosed me with interstitial lung disease. ...She started me on an inhaler and within 2 weeks I felt much better and it hasn't happened again in 2 years. I feel very fortunate to have had it go away so fast. I guess you can have flair ups. I hope you can find out whats going on with your lungs and coughing soon.

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