Parotid pain

I was hit by a bad cold two days ago. I have serious pain in front and jus below the right ear. It radiates into my ear. I have had parotid swelling before and I think this is the same.

I have to watch what I can take because of liver and kidney involvement. I just tried massage and didn’t feel much different. The warm washcloth does not stay warm and does provide relief. I just put a pot of water on the stove and I just stood over it trying to inhale the steam.

Do you have any other ideas? I can’t believe I have no candy or lemons in the house. Thanks for the input.

After a year of this happening I had to have surgery on both ears. You seem to have tried everything I did i hope you are better soon and some one else has some good ideals to share.

Thanks guys. I was in intense pain. It had to be a stone. I kept microwaving my wet washcloth so that it would stay warm longer. I massaged frequently. I used my pilocarpine and steamed my face over a hot pot. I went to fill an rx the next day for naproxen and I was so sick I didn’t have strength to look for a netti pot. I will be putting that on my list and need to buy a new humidifier.