Salivary gland swelling and infection

Hi Everyone,

If anyone would like to share their experiences with salivary gland infection it would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone needed IV antibiotics? I ask this because the first doctor I saw for this told me I may need IV antibiotics. It is my third day taking oral antibiotics and the swelling has moved from my submandibular glands to the parotid glands. Fortunately, I have appointments for a neck ultrasound, PCP and the dentist…yikes.

Thank you,

Oh my goodness, that sounds horrible. How are you doing now? Are the antibiotics helping?

it is more unnerving because of where it it. The antibiotics and warm compresses are helping with the salivary gland swelling. I am waiting for the ultrasound results. Thank you so much for your response.

I’m not sure if this is the same thing,but I am totally baffled with my symptoms. I have ear pain all the time. Fills like fluid in my ears, even though CT and MRI say I don’t. It hurts down the side of my neck also. Sometimes my checks hurt. ENT said maybe clogged salivary glands? Anyone else with SS/Lupus deal with this crud??

Hi Gammawx2,
I don’t feel like I have fluid in ears. However, I do have ear pain/ache often. The area in front of my ear (near/over the parotid gland) swells and is tender I was told that is a symptom of SS. The ENT doctor told me that the dryness of SS can cause infection and stones/blockage in the salivary glands. Evoxac, warm compresses, lots of water, and salivary gland massage is helping. If you Google salivary gland massage it is easy to find instructions. Still waiting for neck ultrasound results to find out if the lump in my upper neck is a thyroglossal duct cyst.
I hope you get some answers and relief very soon. A blocked salivary gland is painful!