Plaquenil's affect on Eyes

This is what I heard from my Optometrist this week. I was worried because things were beginning to look very cloudy. Turns out I am getting cataracts . He said he has never seen any problems with his patients who have SS. He said maybe after 10 years of taking Plaquenil you may see some problems. At least I felt better knowing I just have cataracts. Don't know what I would do if I had to give up the Plaquenil.

I'm glad he was able to alleviate your concerns, susie. Are you getting cataract surgery?

No surgery yet Dr. said I'm only at the beginning stages so not to do anything yet it would be too dangerous. Thanks for your concern.

I wasnt diagnosed with ss yet but when I was 43 I was diagnosed with early onset,fast progressing cataracts and had already lost about 50% of my vision. By the time I had my post op checkup on my second eye, about six weeks from first surgery, I had already developed secondary cataracts which required laser surgeries. I wonder now if there is a link. Perhaps something in the immune system