Problems with antidepressants?

My GP prescribed antidepressants because I was struggling with my diagnosis and a bit of a personal crisis at the same time. She gave me Paxil and I haven't been consistent with it for long enough to notice a difference, but both times I've taken it, I've felt extremely fatigued, in increased pain and unable to function. I don't know if this is a coincidence (one of the times I'd just taken a walk that might've been too long) or if it's the paxil. Has anyone else had problems tolerating these types of drugs? I took it years ago and was fine.



Antidepressants need to be taken about the same time each day and you need to establish a blood level so you maximize the benefit of the drug. You will probably notice a change in the depression at 2-4 weeks. The lack of energy with Sjogren's is part of it and I have found that exercise helps. The antidepressant taken consitently handles my depression. Sometimes it is necessary to try different ones but stay the course and give this one a chance. If you still have depression ask your Dr. to change it. Good luck!

I'd like it to help the depression, but I'm concerned about how much worse my symptoms feel. It's the fatigue that's increased, but also all my pain. I want to stick with it, but I feel pretty miserable.

Considering that your system may well have changed some in the last few years it may be worth it to give your doc a shout and ask if this is normal. It may be a side effect that goes away with time, but if not its sure worth finding out.