Product Review--Dentyne Pure Gum, Mint with Herbal Accents

I do not work for or with any company that owns, distribute, or produces this product.

This gum leaves my mouth refreshed after chewing, not with that weird dry feeling and after taste that some gums leave. . . Especially when the last thing we need is more dryness.

It is not always easy to find. ( I actually started ordering packages of it from Amazon.) I see it at drugstores or grocery stores most often.

Dryness in my mouth and throat oftentimes makes me concerned with bad breath, and I get tired of using just breath sprays and lozenges. It's nice to chew a piece of gum occasionally. It takes no time to freshen my mouth, and the flavor last a reasonable amount of time. It is a ' keeper ' for me, I loathe wasting money on things that don't work or taste bad- even if it is an inexpensive product.

It leaves my mouth moist and refreshed.

It works better than several dry-mouth sprays.

Rather impressive.

Just wanted to share...

Feel free to share products that work for you and these problems/symptoms we deal with daily.

Lisa D.

Thank you for sharing ! Will try it !

Hope you like. Thought this was/ a good place to share the small things that help our daily lives.