I don;t know what to do!I have some kind of problem with my lungs,(as I have been told,Caused by sjogren)When I take a test(I don;t know what;s it called in English),where you have to blow into a machine and some results come out.It shows that when I breathe 60% of my lungs work when I breathe out and 47% of my lungs work when I breathe in.Oh well,I was given my MABTHERA 2 1/2 months ago but i haven't seen anything better on me and now my pneumoloogist wants me to start cortizone,I don;t know if this will help.....Does anyone have any idea?????

hello Terri,Thanks for replying.What did you do about it?What medicine did you take?Did you take cordizone?

Thanks Terri!I'll read the link and we wiil talk!!


I have organ involvement from Sjogren's--my lungs. It can cause interstitial lung disease. I have bronchiectasis--kind of the adult version cystic fribrosis. I'm learning how to survive it. But it isn't easy. I nebulize four times a day with albuterol and another two with saline 7% to loosen my secretions. I also take an inhaled steroid. I can only tell you my experience. Remember that we're all different.

You've got to hold on.