Lung problems

Has anyone else been diagnosed with interstitial lung disease? After a visit with a pulmonologist at Mayo in Scottsdale, he seems to think I have been misdiagnosed with asthma but have interstitial lung disease. More test to follow this week.

Anyone have more info?

What are the symptoms? I have a dry cough that is a result of an unexplained sudden need tp cough. It is brief but intense. I've read something about this being because of Sjogrens..

I have interstitial lung disease: bronchiectasis. An adult form of cystic fibrosis and treated just like the kids. It is difficult to manage and I get frequent infections. I also have asthma.

Dustcatcher, I too have a dry cough. It was diagnosed as acid reflux for years. After taking three different meds, making dietary changes, and following all recommendations for reflux without any improvement, it was blamed on sjogrens. The “dryness” just makes the mucous thick. New recommendations are sip water constantly, sinus rinse 2x a day, Flonase 2x a day.

For more information on interstitial lung disease I would suggest I will know more about a CT this Friday. The doctor said I had crackles in my lungs. I do not have a dry cough all the time, just part of the time. I will post again when I have more info. Thanks for your concern.

I have trouble with my lungs when walking and sometimes climbing stairs and I have a bit of a rattle when breathing.

I had a lung function test which showed that for my age (79) my lungs are working as they should.

That didn't explain the problem so I was sent for a scan which showed I have very mild Bronchiectasis but not bad enough to cause my problems.

I also had an ECG in case it was my heart but my heart is fine.

I still don't know what is causing the problem