Relative with Sjögren's syndrome

Hello, my brother is 16 years old and recently his blood tested positive for this syndrome. He has gone through several other rare diseases throughout his life. He had Stevens-Johnson syndrome and Kawasaki disease. He was also in the beginning stage of Leukemia, but fortunately it was detected earlier. He received treatment for this cancer and it appears to have gone away. I really wanted to know of any doctors or items that will help relieve the pain my brother is going through. He is barely in the beginning stage of this syndrome and right now he has dry mouth and irritated eyes. I have been searching ways to help him out because he is tired of going through blood tests and hospitals from all the sickness he has been through. My mother is hispanic, so any information in Spanish that can relieve her worries will be much appreciated. My mother has been trying to get anything my brother wants because she knows that living with several rare diseases is hard. My brother asked for a cat and I wanted to know the opinion of others if it will be a good idea to get him one. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Any help is really appreciated.

Hi Star101! There certainty are meds that can be helpful, as well as strategies at home. Your brother should be seen by a rheumatologist. He should also be seen by a dentist 2x a year and have an eye exam. A lot of people will get punctal plugs put into the tear ducts and can really help the eyes stay more moist.

The Sjogrens syndrome foundation can be a good source of information at

Information in Spanish, here’s a start

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@Stoney thank you so much!! I’ll make sure share this link with my mom. :hugs:

Hi! I understand how frustrating this is for your brother. I will be happy to talk to your mother (in Spanish). Send me a private message to coordinate.
This support group is fantastic. I suggest your brother joins. It’s heart warming to see you reach out to us to help your brother. That’s the attitude! :+1:

We are here to help out. Blessings.

Animals are wonderful…they bring on a bond and a comfort sometimes that we can’t get anywhere else. I have two cats and a dog (all rescues) and they have been a saving grace for me at times. Nights when i am totally battling with insomnia from this can flip in a heartbeat purely from the cat laying by me purring. (works better than anything. LOL) Lots of research done on animals actually lowering blood pressure in adults and more.
If there are people who can help properly care for the animal if he is having a bad stretch, then why not?

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