My ophthalmologist has prescribed this. Does anyone have experience on using these eye drops? Reading about the content, cautions and side effects, I’m a little hesitant

I've been using it since July with no problems except a little stinging and a little cloudy vision when I first put it in. No other side effects for me so far. My opthalmologist said that it doesn't work for everyone and if it's not doing anything after 1 year of use to stop using it. Which is good cause it's expensive. Unfortunately, I haven't noticed any improvement but I know other people have.

I know this is late, however, I have been on Restasis for 8 years. I was off for six months doing a study and my eyes got very bad. I had so many dry patches the doctor could not count them. The study ended early and I thinik that was a very good thing for me. For me the Restasis makes a tremendious difference.