I have not been here in awhile but need some info. I just started Restasis and have blurring as a side effect. Has anyone used these drops and experienced this? Does the blurring go away after you have been using the drops for awhile?
Thanks for your input.

I had terrible burning for hours. I got no relief and dropped it after 5 months. I got more relief taking 5000 units of Fish Oil per day.

I’ve been using Restasis for over a year and love it. Never had any problems or side effects at all. It has been a blessing for me. Burning and blurring are both common side effects of it. It’s like any medication; are the side effects worth the end results?

I’m sorry you both had bad side effects. I love it and am thankful that I’m not getting side effects. I hope you can find something to help you.


Hi Cassi

we can't get resasis over here but can get a vetinary product which is 0.2% cyclosporin in a castor oil base.

I find it helps tears and nasal secretions a bit but I get a variable burning sensation sometimes yes others none. No blurring other than extra tears or retention of the hylo forte (have puncteal plugs can amke a temperary blurring effect.

I have been on it for 4 months.

I’ve been using it for close to two years. Yes, there is some blurring, but it passes for me.

I’ve been restasis for years with no blurring. Sorry you’re having problems because it has worked well for me.

I was using Restasis for a few years, and yes I had a little burning. But the eye drops that are the best ever are

Viva by Dakota Labs. there is a wait list Kim at 877-■■■■■■■■ Restasis never helped me.

Best to you, Sabra

Hi Cassi,

It was the terrible burning that never went away that made me give up this med. While I'm glad others can tolerate it, I was not one of them.

I would strongly suggest you call the pharmacist, and prescribing Physician for advice on this.

Thanks everyone. My blurring lasts for most of the day. I didn’t use it last night and there was no blurring today. Think I will start out using it only on weekends when I have my son here to drive me wherever I need to go.

The long lasting blurriness is a side effect that I can’t live with but the constant burning is not easy to live with either. It only got this bad a few months ago. I had hoped it would pass but it didn’t happen. I think I will see if I can get my appt moved up.