Saying hello

Hi I am a new member just wanted to say hello and I am grateful to become a member. I am from New Zealand and we have a very small sjrogens NZ for our whole country

Hi Mellow

I have RA and SS for many years and this is the only place I meet others like me.

My father was stationed in New Zealand in WW2 and we got a big Christmas package from there every year.

Welcome to you…

I live in Denver, CO

Hi, I am also a new member hoping to get educated on SS and meet others to share with. I am terribly and located in Baltimore MD.

Darn aoto correct. Scratch that terribly lol

Hi Kquixtar

Thankyou for your kind welcome from Denver, my grandmother still remembers the excitement the us troops bought to Auckland When they came to help us in world war 2.
I was so grateful to find this place to ,we are such a little country NZ we have only one small sjrogens society for the whole country.
It must be awfully hard to have RA and SS

Hi terriba it is nice to hear from another new member too

Hi. It's nice to join the group.

Hi Mellow, welcome to the group. It must be a little tough to be where the SS community is small so I'm glad you found us. We have a pretty great group here that is always willing to help. You aren't alone!

Hi all,
I think we all feel so alone in some ways. I can tell you as a nurse of 30 years I never heard of it once…Many MD,s unless there specialists don,t know…
It took me a long time to just find some place to vent my feelings.
Thanks to all of you for being here

Thankyou enjoylife I felt so relieved when I found this group.

I didnot feel alone with this anymore.I know as kquixtar pointed out correctly that there will always be times we feel alone in our dealings with this illness as it can effect us all so differently. But I will be a lot less lonely and be able to learn from others experiences and also share too.

Cpk you are so right its nice to join the group.
We have resources but not the amount of resources and support groups available in larger countries
I live in the North island of New Zealand then we have the South Island.
I am in Auckland we have a growing population.
But when I see and hear news from other larger countries of the world and the size of the cities.
I know I would get such a shock with the size and the pace of life if I were ever lucky enough to have the chance to visit. I am a bit of homebody not the most adventurous ,would like to be though

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