Seems as though Lyrica has gone generic?

My prescription for Lyrica was filled this time as Pregabalin, in a pharmacy bottle rather than the usual white square Lyrica bottle. It still looks the same, is made by Pfizer, but it has to be generic even though I can find nothing about it on the net!

Hi SK,

Think you have the brand name Lyrica still. If it’s the brand it will be a white capsule with Pfizer printed on one side and PGN and the number of the milligram after the PGN. Example…PGN50 since I take Lyrica 50 mg. Only once have I received it from the pharmacy in the manufacturers bottle(the square one), all other times has been in a regular amber colored pharmacy container. If your pharmacy receives the med in bulk, the pharmacist, or automated machine, will count the correct number, put it into that pharmacy’s pill bottle and slap your label on. However it will usually have the brand not the generic listed on the label.

I don’t think the generic will be available until about 2018? The patent is usually 10 years, and I believe Lyrica was approved by the FDA in 2008-2009. Prior to that I was on gabapentin, then switched to Lyrica. But check with your pharmacist for verification to be sure they filled your RX correctly. I take ropinerole for restless leg syndrome and last year was give resperdone by the pharmacy. Luckily I caught the error after taking one tablet! Bottle was labeled correctly but wrong med in the bottle. It’s always best to check with your pharmacy for ANY questions.

Hope this info helps!

Thanks babs!

I think it's about time, I will really like paying a generic price instead of full price. Most all of my scripts are generic & they work the same.