Semi urgent / throat

I’m traveling for the holidays. I’m in an area drier than what I’m use to. I’ve also been around a sick kid. My throat has been hurting for about a day. I’m also tired. No other cold symptoms. However very early this morning I woke up with post nasal drip…back of throat stuff. In this " stuff" are obvious streaks of blood.
Can a dry throat cause you to bleed? Would you call the doc on Xmas eve about this symptom? Thanks.

I can't answer your question but my throat is almost always sore along with sinus issues. I often have spots of blood in my tissues when I blow my nose in the morning so I would assume there is also a little blood in the crud that goes down the back of my throat. I use saline spray, nasal rinses, and Flonase to help with the dryness. I also use throat spray when it's really sore.

When I get a dry throat I also get a dry nose which bleeds. At home I have four humidifiers going 24/7 …& two air cleaners. Are you traveling by air or on the ground? Being on an airplane is very drying. I CANNOT do that anymore. If you are traveling by car I would suggest getting a humidifier which you should use in the guest room you occupy. The are available at most drug stores. If you take Salengen you might ask your Doc to up the dose when you’re traveling. Drink a lot of water & have Xylimelts handy when you are particularly dry. I carry clean washcloths with me and when needed, moisten them and breath in the moist air.I hope something here is able to make you feel more comfortable.
Merry Christmas!!!


Unless there's a lot of blood, I wouldn't be too concerned. Nasal/sinus bleeding is a fairly common affect of being too dry. I would imagine the same could happen to the throat. Also dry mouth/throat could cause thrush. I find it easier to see in the mouth than the throat (white spots on the surface and red underneth the white spots). But it will make your throat hurt and can also cause bleeding. It's not very serious, at least not something that would require immediate care but you would need some kind of anti fungal to get rid of it.


Hey….I know that sinus or respiratory infections and laryngitis can cause that too. Only because I've been there. I agree with the others too that just being too dried out can cause blood spots. Its yucky but comes with the territory for Sjoggies. Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hi Nomad, so sorry that this is going on while you are away and on Christmas Eve! This also happens to me on a fairly regular basis. I have been told by medical staff that it doesn’t mean much other than dryness unless you see LOTS of red blood that is pouring straight out. Tinged shows a very small amount, they say FRANK blood that comes straight or pouring out is when you have a problem they want to know about. Hope this helps! Take care and Merry Christmas!

You can have blood from your nose congestion running down the back of your throat from dryness or a cold. Gargle with hot salt water and maybe a nose rinse. I get blood from my nose when dry or cold bad. Lots of vitamin c. Have a Blessed Christmas. Drygirl

Thank you very much everyone!
My iPad is down, I’m rushed and using my phone so this will be short right now.
Merry Christmas!
For various reasons my GP from home felt I need to be in an antibiotic and phoned in Augmentin over here.
The bleeding was mostly slight with occassional more moderate.
Today, after only one dosage, it is very very slight.
I kinda sorta think dryness … But I too am unsure.
Your posts are very enlightening!!!
Will re read them.
Thank you again!!! All the best!!!