Serious Heat Intolerance Comes & Goes

Just during the last 2.5 years I have developed bad heat Intolerance. Doctors keep ASS(OUT OF U & ME(ING) I must be in menopause. I over to the desert 4 years ago! My women’s test came back without any indications of menopause changes/begining. How do I treat this?

Hey Purple Lady,

I have some awful temp tolerances. I sweat when it’s cold and have to be real careful in the heat because I seem to overheat very easily
Menopause? Don’t you just love it? I’m a male and that’s what I got too. Male menopause. I said to the dr at the time “I’m too young for menopause…” and the response was “Early onset male menopause” TSK. There can be many causes for temperature issues and although your ‘women’s test’ may identify some ‘women’s issues’ markers, it may have very little to do with 'Women’s issues". Also some test screens are limited to a batch of specific common markers and not the full range. A specialist would know which markers and their specific levels that would/could have an influence.

Do you have access to a Dr or a specific rheumatologist with knowledge of Sjogren’s. When it comes to rare conditions often your local pcp’s knowledge is limited. They may tell you they know all about it, but I’d be recommending you see a specialist, not just a pcp. Your comment of ‘Doctors keep ASS(OUT OF U & ME(ING)…’ is VERY common. The line I was given was "I’m the Dr, I’ve completed years of study and I know. You? You’re just the patient, you wouldn’t know…’ Arrogant sod. Arrogance and ignorance are 2 things that don’t mix and yet there seems to be an excess of both within the medical fraternity.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

I wish I had some advice for you on how to treat it. I can’t remember if you’re taking any meds, but that’s where I would likely start after seeing a rheumatologist.