Temp Issues

I keep having these weird sweats that come out of no where, I am generally a cold person where I need consistent heat to keep from freezing but every once in awhile I get these massive heat waves almost where one minute I’ll be fine and it’s a sudden and severe hot flash and I am just sweating up a storm and I didn’t do anything extensive to make myself sweat so much. No I am not going thru menopause, I’m only 26 and didn’t seem to have this issue before. Anyone else have this happen to them? If so did you figure out what was causing it, like different meds or something that your body was producing on it’s own and what you did to help it or even make it to a lesser degree of sweat. Anything will help?

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I would say the first thing you need to do is make a list of your medications and spend time looking up side effects.

And remember they do have the possibility of being cumulative! If one med might cause hot flashes and you add another one that might cause hot flashes odds are any flashes you get will be worse than if you were just on one med.

Figuring out what meds might be interacting or causing side effects will give you a good starting point for getting the hot flashes under control.


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I hear ya makes sense, I think I have more than just SS going on most of the time if you have one autoimmune disorder you have more since they are all so closely related to each other. I think I have more going on internally than the doctors realize or understand right now because they have tried multiple medications to keep the symptoms away and nothing seems to be working which is kinda worrying. The sweats is just one of the many side effects of all the crap going on in my body.

Sorry that you are so young and having to deal with this. I am 50 and I feel my life has been stolen from me. I know that medications can be helpful at times but this is very real and I accept the times I am absolutely no able!!! Therapy with the right person is very helpful. That is what I recommend because there is no cure and you must make peace with the diagnosis.
=) robyn

I meant to write NOT ABLE not no able haha. I will also add laughter is key!

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I understood what you’re saying, I normally am very even tempered but lately I just feel like giving up only because I am just so exhausted. Just trying to keep my head up and keep moving.

Since this flare up that started about February this year I have been absolutely freezing most of the time. I literally went to bed most nights this week wearing two jumpers and tracksuit pants and socks and gloves and a hat, with two doonas and a heater on. That was the only way I could get warm enough to actually sleep. But then one of those nights I woke up absolutely sweating like I was in a sauna…I don’t know why one night I can wear all that and still be cold and then the next night I react like a normal person would…confusing…

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Me too Lee Ann! I’m the same age. It feels once almost every day I have a hot flash(which is odd because I’m naturally one of those people who is cold all of the time). I figured out early on that it’s usually a low grade fever when this happens and my temp will range from 99.1 to 99.9, but since my body temp is naturally a little bit lower than a regular person I know that this is a fever for me(this was also my fever range during mono and the flu). I’ve noticed that it usually comes whenever I’ve been doing a lot of activity. I’m a type-A personilty so it stinks and isn’t always possible, but I try to treat the hot flashes like a true fever, stop what I’m doing, and rest when they happen. I try to think of these uncomfortable hot flashes as my engine overheating(even if I’m not doing something physical) - a queue to slow down. I’ve started doing an anti-inflammatory diet(lectin-free), and have already noticed less frequent hot flashes.

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Are you taking salagen?

I would say the salagen I take to produce saliva is taking over my life…
But, I cannot have my tongue on fire.
God Help Us All…

Did you try Evoxac as well? I only mildly over produce saliva on that. And I take it twice a day instead of 3 times.