Coping with Heat

Ok, I had symptoms suddenly in January and it has progressed to not sweating properly. Any suggestions for dealing with the summer? I can't possibly stay cooped upall the time, I'm 33(not that an older person should be cooped up either). I have a spray mister which I guess helps slightly. This is quite frankly breaking my heart...

Hi dryguy,

I have sweated excessively since I can remember, my hands and feet are never dry, so I'm always interested in stopping the sweat! I would think a mister is a good idea too, maybe even those small portable fans? Any good advice from your Doctor?

Ughh!! I feel your pain! I live in Phoenix, Arizona (hell?) It’s like the heat to my symptoms seems worse in the summer here… I hate it! I too hate that we have to all stay inside but its better then suffering with the heat flareups

We could move to Alaska? Lol

Oh no, no Alaska for me, kiddo!

We too live in a hot area and frequently travel to a hotter one! One summer it was soooo bad we bought one of those super cool blade less Dyson fans. They had a good promotion sale. We take it back and forth when we travel in the summer.

I couldn’t find the edit feature to add: I too find it more and more difficult to cope with the heat. I’m in my fifties and don’t feel great walking around half n e k k e d. Is anyone else having issues more and more with heat/summers??? Any more practical ideas? Dry guy, you are not alone!

I ordered a frog togg cooling towel off amazon for $12.50. There are also cooling vests that MS patients use but they’re fairly expensive around $200 I think.

I had to look it up, never heard of them, but I hope they help. Sound promising!