Air conditioning, blessing and curse!

In one way I am relieved the A/C units finally were installed for the summer, not only do they cool, but dehumidify. The problem is the cold air, no matter how far I stay from the source, I end up in trouble. It increases stiffness and all over neuralgia. I do not have them on a cold setting, as I do not tolerate cold well, but still they get me!

We run 2 dehumidifiers in the basement all spring and summer, from the time the heat is turned off, until the heat goes back on, and I even have one up here on the main level to use when the rain is torrential, being very careful not to make the house too dry or this brings on an entirely different set of problems.

Any suggestions on how I may better tolerate the A/C?

Where I live, we have the AC on almost all year. We have a two week Winter and a two week Fall. No real change of seasons. I just use my no preservative drops a lot. I noticed when on long car drives (3 hours +) it’s a big problem. I now put my eye drops in every 30-60 minutes, drink a lot of water and spray my mouth with “Rain,” on car drives. While in the house, I try to use my drops at least twice a day, but really should use them 3x.

I have the same problem. One thing that I found helpful was a shawl that I'd knitted for myself a while ago.I used cotton yarn so it's not too hot. But it does give me something light over my shoulders and arms. Also, there is a catalog company (Carol Wright) that sells a shawl that is VERY lightweight and has two pockets in it.I bought one for my mom but she doesn't like shawls. I find them very helpful....They keep you from getting chilled and are not so heavy or hard to take on or off...( I have real problems getting sweaters on...and usually am too hot to leave them on) The shawls are a real help for me.

I like the shawl idea. I have crotchet shrugs. Little short sleeved cover ups. Very light weight. Open knit-like; blOcking direct air but keeps you from getting too cold.

Thanks girls, good ideas! I'm personally thinking of pitching a tent in here, keep the air flow off me! ha!

Is your breathing also affected by Sjogren's?