Wind chill advisories, are you targeted?

Seems millions of us are under wind chill warnings for below zero in the double digits for the next several days! We're to be 15 degrees below zero tonight! BRRRR!

I know many of you are under several feet of snow, I have a friend in Maine who has run out of room to pile the shoveled snow anymore!

So dig out those extra blankets, get out the heavy socks, gloves, thermal underwear, heating pads, bake something in the oven, have some hot tea, or a hot toddy and stay in and stay warm if you can!

What's the weather like in your corner of the world?

It’s not bad here now, northern BC, Canada. However, last week was -40 C with the windchill. It’s really dry here as well so I have a little heater at work to warm me up right beside my humidifier so I don’t dry out.

Ugh! You Canadians are some strong people to withstand your winters. We just heard our local weather and tomorrow they’re calling for 20-30 degrees below!

Sounds like you have it covered at work! Glad they allow your your equipment!

Yes, these high winds quickly dry out the soil, and the heat dries out the buildings!

Good to hear from you! Stay warm and well!

below 20 to 30 man I couldn"t survive those winters I live in new Zealand and we do have cold winters,,,, and my cold here would be minus one or two,, we have hot summers here,,, I know with my SS when it is a hot day my aches and pains are less, we are in summers here with basically 20 to 30 everyday here in Christchurch where I live

Here in South Carolina we have a cold snap coming through this weekend. It's suppose to be a high of 30 degrees on Sunday and then we are to expect some rain on Monday night into Tuesday morning. They are saying that the upstate will be getting a rain/ice mix and maybe some snow on Tuesday night. We don't have things like this happen that often and when it does everything closes down, lol The winds are what really does me in because it drys my eyes out and causes them to ache and it seems that no matter how many jackets you put on to go outside it's never enough cause I am always cold.

Hi exj,

I’m a big fan of Househunters International and love the shows from New Zealand! What a beautiful place to live!

It’s not usually that cold here either, and we have considered moving, but our kids and grand kids are here, so it’s doubtful we’re going anywhere, unless they are!

Out on Long Island it was 12 degrees when I left work at 4:30. We are under a winter storm warning starting tomorrow afternoon through Sunday…lows about 15 below. That isn't normal for here and I am so not happy about it.

Hey lildixie! That IS cold for SC!

I know what you mea about wind! We live in a basin surrounded by mountains and get some strong winds here year round. Sheer winds have snapped 5 story trees like toothpicks time after time in this area. 40-60 mph gusts were predicted, so that means ours will be 60-80 here! It’s unnerving with these big trees surrounding the house too.

I had REALLY wanted a windmill, but we don’t have enough land. I know that there are small ones, like the one Jay Leno has to power his massive garage, but until we have that kind of income, that’s out!

We have a total electric home, and lose power several times a year. My husband is in the process of having a rather large home generator installed that will allow us to run 2 fridges, a deep freezer, draw well water, cook, and heat or cool key areas. The big advantage of electric heat is the ability to regulate each room. Hopefully this will soon be complete. It’s propane powered and with the 2 large tanks will give us about 2 weeks of power.

We get some nasty thunderstorms with flood warnings so this will also power the pump for the basement, when we have downpours.

I hope this is soon complete, right now it’s all in place, just waiting on the electricians!

The heat and a/c dry me out, just like the wind! It’s always something!

Do keep warm and keep well!

I’ve missed everyone!

I hear you EnjoyLife! Plus you have that wind off the water element! Whoa, talk about a wind to go right through you, that would be it!

Bundle up girl!

I’m currently in the Tampa area, their saying it’s going to be the coldest night for the winter even here. I came here to escape the cold only to find it has followed me…

It is supposed to be 13 degrees tomorrow night. Wind not to bad.

I live in Alabama and we get snow about once or twice a year. It is supposed to start Sunday night and last a couple of days. Yesterday was windy and cold.

I am near Harrisburg, Pa. It is going to be -20's with the windchill tonight. I am so glad we have a coal/wood stove, oil furnace, and gas fireplace and a gas stove. If we lose electric, we are still warm and I can cook. Gotta be prepared. It is tempting to move South but not sure about the Hurricane seasons there etc. Anyone move from Pa south. Let me know.

We have a red alert out which means no burning until after 7pm tonight when the winds will hopefully die out. We still don't know if the storm coming is going to give us ice or snow but we will probably end of with just rain. Which will be ok with me, lol It's still suppose to be cold for the better part of next week, then we go to the middle 60's and more rain.

It’s snowing in Allentown PA. Started about 20minutes ago. Predicting 2-3 inches. Predicting white outs due to wind. But there have been so many weather predictions that have been so wrong, that we are just playing it by ear. We had 5 activities planned for today. We are now down to 1 or2. We recently moved to a continual care community for oldsters, so we don’t have to worry about shoveling. That is soooo nice. I could just not go anywhere and bundle up in bed with my electric ,actress pad turned on. We will see

I live in Southern California.

Hi Wendy,

I lived in St Pete for a while and the good thing about Florida is that even if it gets cold, it never stays cold! I LOVE the Gulf, it's the warmest calmest water I have ever been in! The storms down there are monsters though! I've been stranded outside when a tornado from Boca Ciega Bay hit! I had to hang on for dear life! I'll certainly never forget that!

Hope it warms up for you soon!

Hi Ruthie,

I haven't really kept up with the entire country's weather, but glad to know that Indiana won't have the horrendous winds! Looks like we're in for a rough ride tonight here in MD!

Hope you're doing well,


lildixie, we already had some flurries, looked like it was really coming down, then it just stopped! It certainly wouldn't break my heart if it passed us by! ha! I haven't even been out in the wind, and have neuralgia on the right side of my head! My mom and her mom were prone to this as well, and none of us can stand fans or a/c blowing over us!

Have you ever seen 'Naked and Afraid'? It' a TV show where one man, and one woman are stripped, allowed to take ONE thing to help for survival and are literally dropped off in the wild to survive for 3 weeks! Guess who is NEVER going to be a contestant!

Hi Yogatose,

You're about 170 miles NE of me. It had stopped snowing here, but I didn't realize that it started again, the ground is nearly covered, so you probably have even more at this point, as you're a higher elevation.

Luckily my husband can easily clear the driveway with his tractor, so there is very little here that needs to be shoveled by hand. I'm sure you don't miss that job! I know I can't do it. Anything like shoveling, sweeping, mopping or vacuuming is out for my back! I'd like to have a dollar for everyone who has ever sprained their back shoveling snow! Ha!

Sorry the weather has changed your plans, hope you can easily do it another time!

Take care and stay warm,