Fans and ac

I’m curious to hear how other people manage in the warm weather. My kids like to have the ceiling fans on full blast, which of course feels like torture to my eyes. The air conditioning blowers in my car are a problem as well. I should probably get into the habit of using eye drops before I get in the car this time of year. How do you handle it?

Thanks. Great question.
I am also interested in what has worked for others.
I find that even having the windows open in the car bothers my eyes.
I use eye drops frequently and that helps but I was considering asking my eye doctor for any recommendations.

I know that in the car I’ll often use the foot vents only, but my passenger is usually pretty unhappy with that. I can close or redirect the upper vents usually. Then my hands are frozen, and yes, of course I have Raynaud’s.

At home, it’s more of an issue. My son has been sick this week and insisting on having the ceiling fan turned up to high. There are times that I can’t even be in that room with him, because it’s just so uncomfortable.

There is a drop made by Refresh called Celluvisc. It’s a little thicker than drops but not like an ointment. It helps in times like that for me without blurred vision. (After the first couple blinks)

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Great ~ thanks.
I will look for that.