Sjögren Diet

Does anyone follow an auto immune diet ? I have read information on several sites but am having a hard time navigating what to eat and what not to eat. To eat night shade veggies or not ? A lot to absorb.

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Yes, there is definitely a lot to absorb. Did you come across this link yet? It is a PDF document that I found through the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation.

Hi, thank you. I did read that information and it is conflicting with some other dietary sites I have read. This particular information does not say anything about avoiding night shade vegetables. Some sites say not to eat them , others say to eat them. Avoid dairy eggs and gluten because of possible allergy ? Or do they cause inflammation ? Do they cause inflammatory reaction if only allergic ?

I have so many questions.


I can see what you mean about conflicting information. I will keep checking in on this thread. If you are still left with questions after hearing from community members, I will look into this further. Do you have any allergies?


Only allergy is sulfa drugs. I don’t eat any seafood.


I can share a few things my doc mentioned… first, some people react to nightshades, others don’t. Things like that you need to isolate and figure out how they affect or don’t affect you.
He did suggest leaning towards a mediterranean style diet. Its not highly restrictive but it gives us a lot of what we need.
He also said that for most autoimmunes, the big three that cause inflammation are dairy, sugar and wheat, but by that he meant highly processed foods…eat whole grain instead of white bread, etc etc. It does not mean we need to adopt a celiac style. Its not healthy if you don’t have that disease.
I don’t know if this helps or adds confusion. For me, I know when I eat more mediterranean it kinda covers the bases without a lot of work and I definitely feel better.
The holidays are horrible because I do tend to get into a lot of sweets and things I shouldn’t. It makes a difference.

Thank you for your input. I will look into Mediterranean diet.


I hope it helps. Like I said, as much as I love cookies and chocolate, I also know that I pay for it later (when its concentrated, like around the holidays). I have sent myself into some bad flairs, It just took a little while for me to identify the pattern.

Sad part is, I bake ! Love to bake.


My rheumatologist suggested the paleo diet. Im new to ss just 6 weeks. Between the hydrox … and paleo diet I am noticing pain relief. The paleo is boring but if it is helping I plan to continue.