I guess im one of the few males around :slight_smile: well, I’m 50 and my story started probably 5 or 6 years ago but in the last 18 months I’ve been having monthly episodes that I call my period. I’m in Miami with access to excellent care but this sjogrens things is not to popular around and so far no one has made a diagnosis.
Please note that I tested once + in the Ana, re test was - but the SSa is always positive tested maybe 8 times in the last 18 months always +. Thiroid has been in sea saw mode. My symptoms are strange but what makes it weird is that they happen like a period every month at the end of the month by the way I’m expecting my flair up anytime now must likely tomorrow. Sorry… Back to symptoms , the episodes are every 1/2 hour peak during day hours

Dry skin in elbows( no#1 sign )
Rash on extremities
Pain left leg and left foot( burning)
Pain right hand/Forearm
Joint pain
Cold sweats during episode
Swallowing/Difficulty speaking… Stuttering
cant move during episodes
It’s like my self exits my body
Sometimes headache
Urge to go haven’t happened but I have no control.
I really think one day I won’t come out of those episodes.
Involuntary twitching while sleeping

Rheumatologist referred me to neurologist and place me on Keppra which I haven’t start taking. Nobody can’t explain why this happens every month like a period.
Sometime I think I’m just loosing it!

If anyone knows a good MD in the State of Florida please let me know.
Many thanks for reading :slight_smile:
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Wow Roadcan,sorry to hear you are dealing with that. I hope the neurologist can get to the bottom of things for you. Sounds like you are already keeping a symptom journal which helps them see the full picture. I know its tough to keep advocating for yourself when feeling lousy but know you can vent here anytime. Please keep us posted on how it goes. And its good to have the male perspective so we are glad you're here.