Sticky mucus

Does anyone have lots of thick stickey post nasal drop, chronic sinus infections and dey flaky ear wax? I am taking Mucinex 2 times a day and doing saline rinses with budesonide in it two times ago but still am having problems

Hi Roxy

I hope some one come a long soon to help you. Maybe your doctor could suggest some thing else to try. I hope you are better soon.

Ugh, yes.... I find that staying hydrated helps a lot for the drip. The thick stuff is just nasty. I use the saline spray also. That helps better than I expected. I have read that a drop of mineral oil helps with the ears. I haven't tried it yet but am definitely going to because this time of year is rough and they get itchy inside too. Not sure what helped the constant sinus and respiratory infections. I used to get them a lot but since we got going with treatment for the SS, I've been getting them much less. I hope it goes the same for you, where it evens out. Feel better.....

I have terrible trouble with this too. I am beginning to think dairy contributes to this. Have put off going dairy free for a long time. Went gluten free a year or two ago which helped a lot with pain and inflammation and IBS, but feel so deprived already and cutting out dairy too has been put off, but am going to try this at least for awhile to see if it helps.

Roxy, I also have thick, sticky "stuff" in my nose and sinuses. Presently use saline nasal spray to clean out "stuff." Here lately it has moved farther down my respiratory tract (about the level of my voice box), and THAT stuff is really hard to get up! Use Nasocort 24 hour spray at night which seems to help with the nasal congestion, but have not found anything to help with the sticky stuff that occurs farther down. Here lately have had sores inside my nose (probably virus???) and have found putting Merle Norman's Super Lube (sounds like it comes from an auto parts place LOL ) on the lining of my nose helps with accumulation of crust.

Does anyone else have suggestions on loosening the sticky stuff that occurs lower in the windpipe?

Hope you find some relief, Roxy!

I have a crummy cough which is from the sticky mucus sitting on the vocal chords. I am on plaquenil which has brought my sed rate and c reactive protein down. I still have fatigue and brain fog but not as bad as it was prior to plaquenil. I have an appointment with an ENT who has expertise working with people with autoimmune diseases in two weeks

That stuff sitting on the vocal chords….yuck. I get that a lot too. Along with chronic laryngitis and swollen glands. Seems to come with the territory.I deal with it as it comes along. Different things work at different times. I am curious as to what they ENT says…if you don't mind, keep us posted.

For the ears, I dip a q-tip in mineral oil and put it in my ear and twirl it. Not much is necessary. SSers have dry ears too.

For sticky stuff, nebulizing and inhalers help the lungs and throat (have interstitial lung disease from SS--bronchiectasis), pull some coconut oil and swallow, saline rinse, and staying super-hydrated.

You got to hold on.

Luckily my lungs are fine. It is always in my nose, sinuses and throat

I too deal with this, on going sticky mucus. Wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I'm bringing it up all day. I have a wet cough. I just don't want to take anything that might dry my mouth and nose even I live with it.