Newbie--green, sticky sinus crud!

As most of you know, the fun starts with new and interesting symptoms that you e NEVER experienced. I also had the glob that just hung on the back of my throat for awhile. Then, the sore neck that turned out to be the Parotid gland. Now I am forever blowing my nose to get rid of disgusting green gunk. I was just diagnosed a week ago with Sjogrens and RA a month ago. Whoopie!

I have two questions. (1) which doctor specialty should deal with my green gunk and salivary glands. I’m thinking an ENT.

(2) I’ve read that mucinex and saline spray are the usual remedies with occasional Netty pot washes.

What is the consensus on this.


Always with anything start with your rheumy…I always use straight saline or I use Ayr spray with aloe. Check with your rheumy before using the mucinex. The rheumy will also take care of salivary gland.
Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for your prompt answer. Why would Mucinex be bad?


An ENT would be great, but I'd start with my Rheumy.

I'd stick with the saline spray personally- if you're really comfortable with a Netty Pot it might be useful, but if you aren't careful and keep it really clean and use the proper water you might make things worse for yourself.

I don't have any experience with mucinex, I hope some of the others share their knowledge with you.

I also hope that this is just a bump in your road and that you get past this green gunk soon.

Thanks for your advice!