Suggesting Research

The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute helps to fund research and has a link for people to suggest research areas. I implore everyone to suggest a research topic that they would like more funding towards. Here is the link I personally suggested more research towards finding better treatments for the sicca manifestations of sjogrens. I had an extremely rapid onset of Sicca symptoms out of the blue in January and being relatively young and just starting in a career which requires talking to people all day it makes my life very difficult.

Thanks of making us aware of this great opportunity!

Thanks for the heads up - have done although I am UK not USA

Hi, how old are you and what have you done to help? I am 32 and entering graduate school. I have burning mouth due to Sjogren's and am entering a career where I will be talking with patients all day. I am scared and sad.

Thanks for the heads up!