Testing my sense of humor

I am still horribly sick with pancreatitis and it is now 5 weeks. I just packed an emergency bag so I can be ready to leave for the ER if I don’t get some relief soon. I go to the door and check for the mail and I find a notice for jury duty! I have been constantly ill since last March there is no way I can make it through jury duty!

I think right now I have to focus getting through my current medical crisis but I will talk to my rheum about a letter to excuse me. Between meds and the bathroom and my unpredictable body’s I would not make a good juror.

Has anyone served with despite your medical situation?

Yes, and my GP wrote a letter for me based on my many health problems. She has a form letter that she just slightly alters....basically says that in his/her opinion you have a medical condition or conditions that would hamper your ability to serve on a jury at this time...can't recall if she put a time period in there or not.

Hope you feel better soon.

when something like this occurs....you just have to laugh...plus it saves your sanity which has already suffered too many trials.....


I think that if you report on the first day there is a screening for people who say they cannot serve. At least this is what

occurs in Los Angeles. My husband reported and he said does having a heart transplant qualify for not having to serve

and they said that's good enough!

Hope you do not need to serve. I never wanted to because I did not want to leave my classroom.

Actually the best time to postpone your duty is the time near the 4th of July, or Christmas or New Year. Here during the

month of Dec it's party time for lawyers, judges, etc.

Hope all goes well at the ER with your condition.


Dear Cassi,

So sorry to hear this, I KNOW how this feels, if anything will get you to the ER, it's this. Mine was gall bladder related.

I had a bad feeling that mine was acting up again, and told my Internist that earlier today, said it was that or the hiatal hernia screaming every time I took Fosamax, and assured him I was following the specific instructions. He told me never to take it again, will have to switch to Prolia, and told me it was my stomach! Yes, in the sternum area! I knew it sat high, but not that high! This is the exact thing Prednisone does to me.

I know they are certain that it is your Pancreas, and I hope they can find a way to calm it down. I just don't know what the procedure entails. Bland food is probably high on the list!

Do feel better very soon!

Sending my best to you,


I am so sorry you are still suffering with this. Sending hugs.

On Long Island we have an opportunity to mail back the response to why you can't serve and they decide but the restrictions are tight. The only time I got out of it was once I got letters from both County and Federal court for the same week. I sent them both letters saying I was called to the other one already and got excused from both. LOL…..It sounds like your doc has been through this enough he knows what to say so hopefully it will be fine.I am curious as to what they do, so if you don't mind please keep us posted. These are the things I am sure I will come up against sooner or later that I hadn't thought about before.

Hi Cassi, hope you are beginning to improve. I've heard that pancreatitis is a pretty rotten thing to go through ((hugs)). Don't worry about the jury duty, in the big scheme of things you and your health are what you need to focus on right now. I'm sure your doctor will be able to provide you with a letter to excuse. Take care.

I try to get out of jury duty for a hangnail! I am so sorry to hear of your illness, and my thoughts are with you. In Ohio I believe you are asked on the notice if serving would cause a hardship to you or your family. I hope you don't have to go through a bunch of crap to get out of it. You certainly have enough to worry about. Feel better soon!

Thanks everyone. The jury notice sits on the back burner while my medical stuff demands attention. One month later and I still have symptoms. One md says my numbers are normal but I question if she knows what she is doing as I look at the range for my enzymes and they are still close to 3x higher than they should be. Enough of my whining. Think I’ll end here and start a new topic.