That Lady has Candy!

It was yesterday in church. I was seated in my recliner (the church has a recliner set up for me in the front row because I could no longer sit for an hour in the seats in the sanctuary. We were singing...and my throat got dryer and dryer...My tongue got stuck to the roof of my mouth and it got to the point where it was difficult to breath. Normally I have a spray bottle of Biotene...but for some reason couldn't find it in my frantic digging through my purse. There were two candies...peppermints in my purse...I chewed one for the instant relief and sucked on the other after the first one was gone.

I heard a little voice behind me, "Daddy, that lady has candy!:" ordinarily I would have gladly handed some out ...however the pastor has three children (and they were all there wide eyed ) and those two candies were all I had. How do you make a child understand that candy can be like medicine? And worse yet how did I only have TWO of them?

Lesson learned:



I felt like such a piggy eating the candy in front of those big blue eyes that were not able to fathom why a lady would be so MEAN to eat candy and not hand it around.

LOL! Just another Sjogren's situation! I have started dragging a water bottle around too, but they could have just as easily thought it was something like lemonade and squealed for that!

Even if you would have had enough for them, surely another kid would have caught on and wanted some too!