Treated for Sjogren's w/o antibodies or rheumatoid factor


About a year ago a rheumo started treating me for Sjogren’s

I have dry eyes, nose ears, sinus, lips, tounge, etc!

I also have neuropathy and fatigue, and some other symptoms I’m probably forgetting right now!

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism six years ago.

My oldest daughter has celiac and my youngest daughter has type 1 diabetes.

That's great that they're treating you without having the positive blood tests, a lot of members haven't been able to get treatment in that situation. Hope that the treatment helps.

I wonder if sometimes it is easier to be treated for Sjögren’s if you are already being treated for another autoimmune disease. Then again, it seems like some doctors understand that blood work and antibodies don’t always give the full story. I am diagnosed and being treated for psoriatic arthritis and Sjögren’s syndrome with no supporting blood work. Yet I can easily be diagnosed on clinical symptoms.