Um... WHAT?!

I know I'm a lot to handle I have always been sick with various different things. Trust me, it's harder for me, then it its for you, doctor!

Yesterday I had my PCP doc lie to my face. He said that because of so many opiate deaths within the last year, he can no longer prescribe my pain killers, this is a direct order for his "higher ups". Right off I had the red flag flashing and the sirens blaring. I knew it was a lie when he said this. I am highly confused, hurt and depressed over this. The thing is, he is my daughters doctor also, and I asked him if he would be able to handle me as a patient, and he said that wouldn't be a problem, with all my various illnesses. If he didn't want me as a patient anymore, he could have just said it to me, not come up with an illegal lie. I live in California, and my daughter found multiple laws about what he said/did that is illegal. My daughter is also very ill with Addison's disease. She gets Percocet for her pain problems, so she what will he say to her?

What do I do now? Where I live in the San Diego area, there is only 1 doctor that takes Medicaid. I have to drive 35+ minutes to get to any doctor. The one doctor in my area is a busy office, that I could never get refills on my prescriptions. I usually had to wait a week or more for them, plus other minor problems.

I have a pain doctor, who only believes in injections, which only the epidural in the back helped. He has been giving me PRP ( ) to my left knee and it has NOT WORKED. It actually has been making my knee hurt worse. He gives me Meloxicam for the arthritis/joint pain, but again, I don't feel that it really works. The only arthritis pain that did was Celebrex, and for some reason, they won't put me back on it again.

I have been in extreme pain lately. It has been the worst constant pain I have ever been in. I still try to do things like clean and cook. I usually am only able to do the cooking, then I'm wiped until the next day. The pain has been putting me in bed off and on for the last 3 months. I have been battling my depression because of the pain. I was able to mentally psych myself up, and have been having a sunnier outlook, in hopes that It would get me to go out more. Do more things with my puppies and around the house. Now this has just crushed me. It makes me feel worthless that even the doctor doesn't want to see me. I know I'm not, but it's a struggle to find that place again where I was more optimistic.

Now What? Go through with drawls, pain and be bed bound?

I forgot to mention that he told me that my Sjogren's test came back negative, and that I might not have it. I told him that I still have all the symptoms, and you can have a negative test but still have it. He acted like Sjogren's was nothing. He told me awhile back that Sjogren's didn't effect the joints, just the muscles. What?? Maybe it is time to get a new doctor. =(

Rheumatologist. Good-bye PCP.

I know it is hard,but you have to find a specialist, someone who knows about sjogrens.

I have a Rheumatologist, but I only see him every 3 months. He is a doctor at UCSD. Which is supposed to be the best around.


I would call your Rheumatologist. Even if you are due for an appointment, your medication has significantly been changed. You obviously can't go back to the PCP. Hopefully, you and your Rheum. can make a new pain management plan. Besides, if all he wanted to, was to give you injections, that's a bad sign.

You're better off working with someone who one knows more about SS, and two who will give a damn about your pain.


Damn pcp! I hate that they dont educate themselves more on what kind of pain most autoimmune disorders come with! I hope you can get in touch w/ your rhuemo. Drive to his office if u have to… Unannounced!

He’s just like so many doctors! So many people are ignorant when it comes to SS. It’s sad b/c the professionals don’t need to get into any long drawn out education stuff at all. If they hear about dryness of the mouth and eyes, etc. Please send that paint to a competent Neurologist. That’s all!

I have a rheumy appointment on the 31st. Maybe he can put a lid on the pain, or know of a way to at least ease it.