Vaginal dryness and interstitial cystitis treatment?

I am new and will be posting my story later today. However I need some suggestions on how to treat vaginal dryness and interstitial cystitis. My gynecologist started me on estate, has been a great solution for both problems. Problem is it's very $$ my insurance doesn't cover it. Will be going back for followup tomorrow so need idea's asap! I am avoiding all acidity food/drinks. I am postmenopausal and wonder about the use of oral hormone therapy? Thanks guys

Did you search this site? Sorry I can’t be of much help on this one.

I did, but did not find any answer. I trust my Dr. and hope he will have a solution I can afford!

Vaginal vitamin E suppositories are excellent. Natural. And very effective.

I use Carlson's brand . I buy on Amazon.

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I did follow up with GYN and am now on Premarin. It is working fairly well, It gives me temporary relief. The great news I want to share is a link that has a discount card. My cost was going to be $140 with my insurance. With the discount I only paid $15! Here's the link should anyone need it.

I will be seeing a Urologist next week. Its so unbelievable all the specialist needed for this condition!

I got a simple cream that is prescription from my gynecologist. She has a good understanding of Sjogren's thankfully. It has helped immensely as well. Thank goodness this is one of the easier parts to deal with. As always, I want to offer the quick reminder that you should always talk to your doc even with supplements. They can interact with the meds you may already be on or cause an unintended change in your system.