West Texas Gal

I’m still in the process of diagnosis, but my rheumatologist and I both agree that my symptoms point straight to Sjogren’s. As I type this, my teeth have been hurting for 2 days…what on earth!!!

My journey probably began when I was young, but it all started coming together in the last 2 years. The two main symptoms are crazy dry mouth and joint pain. I’ve had 5 crowns/root canals in less than 2 years, despite taking excellent care of my teeth all my life. Apparently my grandmother and an aunt both had trouble with dry mouth around my age and had dentures put in. I’m sure they struggled with Sjogren’s, but it was not a diagnosis back then.

Anyway, I’m glad to find this site. It’s nice to read some of the posts and know that some of the random symptoms are not just in my head!


There’s no reason why you can’t at least treat the symptom. There are a few medications that can increase saliva. Not everyone finds them tolerable, but I know that I’ve been using Evoxac for a few years now and I don’t sleep without it.