White Gums (Not Thrush)

Hello everyone,

I will be the first to admit that I don't have the best history of flossing. But about six to nine months ago the dentist convinced me to get on the ball. I have been flossing at least 2 a day ever since. Back then he said it would take a month or so for my gums to heal and then the flossing shouldn't bother me.

A few weeks ago I saw him again and asked him about an area of my gums that are still pretty tender especially when flossing. He said my gums were white and he thought I may be allergic to something. He also said that it was NOT infected. He's had me gar-galling with salt water. Some of the tenderness has gone away but not completely. I've also been reading online about white gums and there seems to be a connection to cancer or a pre-cancer condition.

Has anyone had an issue with white gums? This isn't dots or splotches of bright white like thrush. It's closer to a cloudy white that incircles a number of my teeth. It goes about a quarter of an inch down my gum line.

I expect them to call me for another appointment to pick up somethings this week. But not knowing what is going on is starting to bother me.


Josh when was the last time you had a blood panel done?

Are you having a flare with your SS symptoms (more than usual)? That is often accompanied by anemia which over time shows up as white gums. The other issue is some kidney numbers may be off due to hydration issues or medications. I'd give your rheumy a call


It's been awhile since I've had any SS blood work. I've just been getting my sugar and cholesterol check. I hadn't thought about my kidney's. I've had issues in the past with kidney stones. That's a good idea, I think I will give him a call.

I keep trying to convince myself that it's nothing. After all its just that my gums are white. There are so many other issues we have that are painful or annoying.