Who is your rock, your inspiration?

I'd say that my husband and mom are my rocks. My grand kids are my inspiration. If anyone can get me off the couch, out of bed, or turn my day around, it's a call from the grand kids telling me that they're on the way!

How about you?

My daughter is my rock, she is solid and loves me when I'm up or down, she'll do anything to make me laugh (she does a Muttly Dog impersonation that always makes me chuckle!) and my clients are my inspiration; I am a Life Coach so helping them overcome their challenges helps me!

Oh, and our pets; unconditional love! What could be better! Finn, the Pug; Skywalker, the Pom; Molly, the Ragdoll and Siohban, black domestic shorthair. I can't believe I didn't include them before; there is no family without them!!!

Julia, the writer of the blog Reasonably Well would have to be my rock and inspiration.

Thanks, mc, I'll put Julia on my list, I can always use more than just a couple of 'rocks'!

My husband is my inspiration, we have been together for 35 years and married for 29, I was 16 when I met him and he was17 we have had 3 children together and 8 grand children I was diagnoised with SS when I was 30 and now I am 51 but I reckon I had it about 10 years before I was diagnoised my hubbye was with me every step of the way, he has been my rock and a soul mate, a man that truly loves his family, and always put me first in the marriage, I have been so blessed in my life with a wonderful family, and that keeps me going, a whole lot of love , when I have had a bad day and no house work is done, he will come home from work and he will say "Had a bad day" "Do you want take out"I had to give up work about a year and half ago so I thought I have done really well to have worked most of my life with SS, but family is the biggest part of what keeps me going

Dear exj,

I'm sure you pushed yourself out of a sense of love and responsibility to work as long as you did, especially to be hit so young! You are most fortunate to have a husband like you do! Thank your lucky stars above for him!

Your family is very lucky to have you! Take good care of yourself, and please don't be a stranger!

Wishing you well,


To some this may sound very egotistical, my rock is myself. My husband is wonderful and caring, but is at work all day. My two sons are awesome, I love them to death but they have their own obligations. My friends would be there for me if I asked for anything, but 99% of the time I don't ask. I am the person I turn to, I am my inner strength and the one who keeps myself going. If it's a bad day I tell myself it's ok to do nothing. If it's a feel great day, I choose what exciting adventure I will undertake that day! I don't shut others out, they know I will ask for help when I need it.

I am knowledgeable regarding all the autoimmune diseases I have, know my medications (all 16 of them) and have a good relationship with my physicians and their staff. This puts me in charge of myself, that's what I see as my job. I was crushed 2 years ago when I had to leave my job and get disability, I felt useless. Then I realized I had a new job...it was taking care of myself. If my health issues begin to bottom out, I know my family and friends will be there for me, but for now I'm happy to be my own rock. Guess I'm just a stubborn person :0)

Nah babs not stubborn, just self sufficient! It's the nurse in you, and that's awesome!

It use to be my mom. However, she died in her late 40s. I was in my twenties. I didn’t cope well. My husband is a wonderful, giving, kind, loving, strong and helpful person. I also am blessed with a couple of great girlfriends. These three folks have given me strength. As much as I can, I rely on myself as through the years, I’ve gained much insight into the world of health and medicine and have learned to trust my intuition, etc.

But there are those very rough moments, that only my spiritual beliefs have gotten me through.