Why expeller pressed, and cold pressed cooking oils are so much more beneficial!


Here is what I use


If it's NOT expeller oil, then inflammation causing chemicals are used to extract the oil from the vegetable or nut.

Thank you. I knew I was doing something right. My wife suffers horribly and anything I can do to help her is great. I'll continue to use only cold pressed olive oil.

This also applies to corn syrup which is extracted from corn, (even the leaves) by using chemicals. Very harmful stuff and is extracted from GMO corn.

My husband knows more about farming than I ever hope to know, but I cannot convince him that GMO corn is grown for anything other than fuel!

Most of the information that I have has come from the web. These days non-GMO corn is organic.

Excellent information!! Thanks!

I've seen the Monsanto doc. Sickening, and who do you think won the Nobel Prize? Yes, the scientist at Monsanto who developed it! What a travesty!

By the by, there's a movie on netflix called Food Inc. These videos were clips from these. You can do a search on the site like GMO, raising cattle and chickens, Ted Talks.

Also this movie, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUd9rRSLY4A tells it all about GMO technology and Monsanto.


Have you seen these warm and fuzzy TV commercials for the 'Monsanto Farm Families'? Makes my blood boil!