Cannabis oil

Has anyone here tried it (for pain! LOL).
I am in a weird position…I had a micro bleed on the brain a few years ago so all anti-inflammatories like Aleve and Motrin are out because they have blood thinner qualities. My last bad flare up landed me on steroids for 8 months as the only other way to beat back the inflammation and thereby reduce pain. I have an appointment coming up with my rheumatologist in a couple of week and am going to talk to him about it but I wanted to know if anyone has firsthand experience with it. In NY, it is legal for people with autoimmune diseases. We made the list. YAY! LOL.

I live in Idaho, where Cannabis is still illegal, even medical. However, CBD oil that does not contain THC is legal. I have gotten moderate pain relief from the CBD oil and much better quality of sleep, and fully believe that if I had access to oil with a small amount of THC in it, I would get more relief. The one thing that the CBD oil helped tremendously, is relief from migraine. I have chronic migraine and would have 2-3 severe migraines a month and basically a headache everyday for 30 years or so. Since I have been taking the CBD oil at night, I have not had a single migraine. That has been about 4 months now. I would make sure there are no possible interactions with any medications that you are currently taking and then give the oil a chance. Good luck. I hope you get relief.

Thank you! Gives me hope and makes me feel a little less like I am reaching for anything. My fiance has even said he wants to be there when I try it because he has heard a lot about it and wants to see me get any relief from the pain. Sleep is a bonus I hadn’t thought about.

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That’s what I was thinking. There are 2 different things. CBD oil can be ordered online anywhere, and people use it for a variety of things, including pain, anxiety, etc. Medical marijuana is legal in NY now. My mom just got her medical marijuana card. The dispensaries are few and far between. Neither one has anti-inflammatory properties so far as I’m aware.

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Thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize CBD oil was available online. I did a ton of reading, etc and ordered some yesterday. Wish me luck. LOL. I thought about the medical card but honestly I don’t trust NYS all that much to go “on record”. I have my professional license to worry about and who knows what the political climate will be in a few years.

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My mom just got her card in NY. But for her, she’s not worried about stigma, as she’s retired already.

Is she finding relief with it? And does she actually have to drive to the dispensaries?

My dad is listed as a caregiver on her card so that he can pick it up for her. She hasn’t gone yet, although I am encouraging her.

Its a weird time we live in…my son is 25 so we have been having interesting discussions about it. LOL. I didn’t want to hide anything and it really is just THC free, but felt odd to bring it up at first. I have a vape starter kit, and some CBD oil for topical and oral use on its way. I have to say I am really hoping to get some relief from it.

Hey! I talked to my rheumy about CBD and he felt that in my case it was a beautiful thing. I have been using it and can say for the daily overall pain, it is great. It doesn’t help specific issues like a tendonitis flair (it takes the edge off only). However, being able to get up from a chair without hesitation is terrific. LOL

I’m curious how the topical is working? How fast does it typically start to help?

I’m using the oil under the tongue. I have heard really good things about the topical so am figuring on trying it. I am in a FB group for CBD users and they have mentioned it more than a few rimes.

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A friend of mine is a distributor. I may ask her some questions about the topical use.

I’d be very interested in what they have to say, if you don’t mind sharing.

So I spoke to my friend and did some research. There’s a bunch of anecdotal and not a ton of published research. Anecdotally people swear by it. Research wise… Like any topical is absorbed quickly and goes directly to the area. It works as an anti inflammatory. Think of it like Voltaren oral VS typical. Good for spot treatment,

Well as a tincture, it’s pretty good. Well worth a try as a topical. Thanks!

I am in Australia and as far as I know it’s not exactly legal here, but I have heard of some people getting their hands on it online. I would love to try it for pain relief. Does anyone know if I did get some sent into australia if I could get arrested? I feel desperate to get some relief from the pain but not desperate enough to go to jail over this…(yet)…

Hey…update now that I am about 8 months into usage… I found an additional brand of cbd (no thc) that I and my rheumy really like. I switch between the 2 because I find that they do work a little differently on me. I have the coolest additional side effect though. My eyelashes are growing well for the first time in my entire life. (I’m 49 so its pretty neat). I guess being high in Omegas helps. LOL.
I can say that every once in awhile, you have to take a break from cbd to let your tolerance levels go back down but overall, it is still really helping me. Yay. Wondering if anyone else has gone into this world yet.
For Australia…no idea how it would work for you. Maybe contact a reputable company directly and see if they ship to your Country.

Has anyone else talked to their doctors about this? I got the approval from my rheumy awhile ago but now my ophthalmologist is onboard too. Interesting…

I am also unable to take anti-inflammatories due to being on a blood thinner. I’ve been hospitalized twice in 8 months with bilateral pulmonary embolism. After the first one I had a flare so bad with sjogren’s and RA, I was unable to walk without assistance for 7 months. My SED rate has risen tremendously and my pain level was off the charts. I am taking Tramadol up to 4 times a day with some relief but not a lot. I started the CBD oil 3 days ago and also purchased the topical CBD cream. This stuff was crazy expensive, but if I can get my life back, it will be well worth the 200+ dollars I’ve spent for higher milligram CBD. Wish me luck!