Worried about money

I’m newly diagnosed and am still learning. It has been hard to make it into work this year. The fatigue is what steered my pcp to diagnose me. Ok, off the track…
I provide almost half the household income, and my husband and I are having very real discussions about becoming a one income family. It is scary to me. Everything about this is scaring the $#!t out of me.
When I go to work I’m met with horrible attitudes as I look ok. At this point I th they want to fire me.
Plus I’m a mom of 3, by next fall, 2 in college. I know that I’m ranting, it just keeps getting more and more REAL. I’m lucky to have a supportive husband. Some days just hit me hard.
Thanks for listening.

My husband and I are having this discussion a lot right now too. He is working a lot of overtime and we are putting money away but we are afraid it won’t be enough. With four kids to support money is already an issue with two incomes. Trying to find a way to prepare for our future with so much uncertainty is overwhelming. I know it’s not my fault and he would never make me feel like it was, but still I can’t help but feel kind of guilty. I’ve always looked at marriage as a partnership, I don’t want him to have to do it alone. It’s kind of relieving to know other people are having the same struggles, although I wouldn’t wish them on anyone

You say you are worried about money…? Do you get any kind of Insurance. ?. Cause you can get some kind of aid ?

What about disability insurance? I, thankfully, have been out on long term disability for the past 15 months and am starting the process of applying for SSDI. There is no question in my mind that I can no longer work full time, and marvel at those who do. Fatigue and joint pain make it impossible for me to even walk through a grocery store without being wiped out for the rest of the day. Recently I volunteered to go into work to help out with vacations etc and hit the wall after 3 hours!

The insurance company doesn’t exactly make it easy for me, but thankfully I have a rheumatologist who takes me at my word and will fill out and sign the necessary forms.


Lack of money scares me too. I am single and the sole provider of finances. Thankfully, there are no children...not only for the financial standpoint but because of the emotional and physical standpoint.

I haven't worked for 2 weeks and will be off at least another 2 weeks. I am awaiting a laser procedure to smooth my corneas. I do not have sick time and exhausted all of my vacation time in January with an emergency surgery.

I am new to all of this. I am not myself lately. I am withdrawn and severely depressed.

I understand the worry. I am a single income also. My son just now graduated college and has a minimum wage job but should I have to stop working, it would be very scary very fast. It doesn't help that SS isn't well recognized yet.

Deeds please remember there is the phone number to a crisis line as well on these pages. If you are feeling withdrawn and depressed it may help to reach out to someone also.

Thanks, EnjoyLife 5!