Time to discuss the financial impact of chronic illness

Regardless of the disease, the country, the age, chronic illness and injury are a catastrophic event for the individual and their family on all levels. Inability to work, or to keep up with work, Doctors appoints, never ending tests, special equipment, all cause incredible hardships.

Anyone care to vent, offer advice, tell your story?

I am very blessed that before I came off work I decided to take the money from savings and moms savings and pay off the land we live on and that our car was paid for.

I went out of work last July and it has taken my retirement money to keep up with the bills and medications. Mom and i both hit that little area where we dont qualifly for any extra help and the money situation is horrible.

On the up side to this illness my mom isnt in the best of health physically or mentally and i am getting to spend time with her and the grandkids.

I would tell any one that would listen since we never no what is going to happen plan ahead now. I thought i had only to realize that i didnt plan as well as i should have.

I hear it….we are facing major layoffs at work and I am more terrified of losing my insurance than my job. I just started the process of trying to secure longterm care insurance. I figure needing it is more of a "when" than an "if". I definitely don't want to be a burden to my son (21 years old) and I am recently divorced. I am doing everything I can now to plan for the future. I figure I can work now…the problem is when I can't later.

Also, the endless costs of multiple doctors and a ridiculous amount of meds and supplements is down-right amazing.

There's my two-cents. LOL (though i think I only actually have one left)

Yes planning now is a good thing I wished I had planned better. I could not afford COBRA when i went out on FMLA and the medical cost and meds have taken what little i had left.

Seems as though every time I think I'll have a few dollars, another medical bill rolls in!