Assisted Living

I had to move into an Assisted Living Place. Don’t know if I like living here, with caregivers doing the heavy housework and the cooking. My major gripe is, their cooking. There is plenty of food, fresh vegetables mixed with frozen, and lots of fresh fruit. The meat is mainly chicken, sometimes fish. It’s just how all this stuff is cooked. It would be nice if the caregivers would take time, maybe get a Betty Crocker’s cookbook, and follow the recipe.

It’s nice to have my meds box filled by a caregiver, I am prescribed many medications. Not to have that worry, refills, get the pills in the right box, that stuff, is nice.

Transitioning from living on my own to living in a place with helpers, tough. Why? I never had helpers in my life, and I found I don’t know how to ask the helpers, to do things for me. When is it appropriate to tell the helper, Thank you. Also, when NOT to add Please. I seem to insult without meaning to insult the helpers when I say thank you or add please.

It can be so boring here. The other residents have different medical conditions that limit their ability to converse, to socialize, to participate in activities such as going for a walk or even sitting outside on the porch.

Having internet, wi-fi, connection is my saving grace. Without, I would not be able to join on-line groups like Ben’s Friends. Even though I can’t see any of Ben’s Friends, I love you all.

Sounds like you need to get a little bag of spices to take to meals with you!


Some of it may just be a matter of adjusting to it
For meals supplied by the dining hall they’ve got guidelines that they need to follow. When I’ve visited assistant living places I found the food a bit boring and repetitive. Does your unit include a kitchenette? Maybe you could do a bit of minor cooking?