I am at the point of tears right now. I have a next door neighbor who is close to my age and he is out in my yard this very minute cutting my very long grass. This is my teenage son’s chore that he does not do without a lot of pushing. The line in the trimmer ran out two weeks ago and I have been to ill to go get new line.
I am somewhat embarrassed that my neighbor decided he didn’t want to live next door to the mess. Of course he never said it but it is my guilt speaking. Nevertheless I am grateful. I am lucky that my neighbor on the other side didn’t call the city to complain because they are not as charitable.
Any suggestions as to what I can give him in appreciation. They are Fillipino and not into baked goods. I thought about a gift certificate to the Home Depot. I might get one for the neighbor 2 doors down because he is always blowing leaves from the front of my house and in winter he goes down the front of my house with his snowblower. Any other suggestions?

Oh Cassi…..what a beautiful problem to have. Are they into anything like inspirational sayings, etc? Thinking culturally I'm wondering if they are very spiritual…small plaque type thing? Baked goods is the perfect go too so that stinks. LOL I think whatever you do for them will be appreciated. It'll be more about acknowledgement than anything. Good luck

Ah Cassie, what a nice gesture, you are lucky to have such a nice neighbor! I think a gift card to a grocery store, Walmart, or Home Depot is a wonderful idea!

My husband and our good neighbor help each other all of the time, and when one goes away the other mows their lawn! The others wouldn't speak to us if they fell over us, much less mow the grass! Difference in people!

How awesome Cassie *hugs* I know I would have dealt better with our old home if we'd had neighbours as caring. I know how it feels getting help (we have two healthy daughters in their twenties who were never available to help), but it sounds like you are compensating as you can. I think the gift certificate sounds awesome. Maybe even the grocery store?

I know exactly what you are going through. I have no one to help me and my neighbor will cut the grass in front of our house so we can get in and out ok, and so far no one has complained about the part that is bit trimmed. I have applied for disability and turned down and now have to wait another 2 years and I care for my 6 year old child and 77 year old mother. We are living off her fixed income and cannot afford to pay anyone to cut the grass. My sons father does not offer any help except for occasional help with a bill. No child support other than that. Believe me I know about your frustration! For me I have had to stop comparing myself to other people though. I have come to accept that this is “my normal” now.

I have decided on the gift certificate to Home Depot since he is always working on his house. Now all I need is the energy to get there.

Allwithlove I do understand your frustration as a single parent on a fixed income. Every time I scrape and put away a little money something happens to wipe it out. My nearly 11 year old golden retriever had a episode two nights ago that scared me and I had to take him to the vet. Fortunately the vet worked with my budget and agreed that all I wanted to do was keep him comfortable. His arthritis is now in his hips and the other night he couldn’t get up and he kept crying. He was incontinent because he couldn’t get up. He is now on a painkiller (I have never met a “stoned” dog before). And we had to change his thyroid med.
it would just be so wonderful if we could all have a support system when we really need it but it doesn’t happen that way. The best possible answer is a place to vent. Sending support your way.

Thank you! I’ll keep you and your sweet dog in my prayers too!