Blood tests

I’m having increasing problems with blood tests. Nurses, etc. just have a terrible time getting my blood. They always ask if I have drank enough water,and of course, I always do drink a lot of water prior to the test. Today, I drank perhaps five or six tall glasses of water before my morning test and I even drank some water last night. It’s been bad for awhile now, but got very bad right before my dx. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, if there could be a SS connection and what might I do to improve the situation???
Is it dangerous to drink gallons of water before a blood test?
What do you do? The woman this morning took the blood from my hand and was very rough and I felt like I might faint. It was painful. The usual person wasn’t available …

Yes, my Phlebotomist tells me the same thing, drink several large glasses of water before leaving the house for the lab. Even still most times she has to use a 'premie needle' to get blood out of me! If anyone else tries, it's torture!

Yes, I have had problems. They can get the needle into the vein easily but it’s very painful since I have had sjogrens. The problem is that my blood then refuses to come out. One nurse just let it drip from needle into tubes which was much easier.
Maybe it is related to sjogrens.

Yes Kaz, she uses the same type on me, but calls it a 'premie needle', tiny needle with a tube.

Not me, not tense at all, after all of those LONG pain management injections in the nerve root of the spinal cord (that they could never get me numb for) those are like a gnat bite! ha!

I drink water hours before and continue drinking right before the test and urinate a lot during this time. I bring my own hot packs, but they have some. I have a mild lidocaine cream…but it’s OTC and not very strong that I put on about thirty minutes before. I didn’t put a lot on and it’s not very strong…so it is only mildly effective. The prescription cream is better and now that I think of it, I might ask one of my doctors for that. I’m usually not afraid, as I come very prepared. However, this lab apparently rotates their staff. I didn’t know this. When I asked what happened to the usual staff, at first they pretended like they are always the ones there. It was weird. Like I WAS CRAZY OR SOMETHING. Well, of course I’m going to notice that all the people have changed when I go there regularly. Then, finally I was told about the rotation. The woman was just mean, so it did make me nervous. It is always freakishly hard, but this was horrible. I wish I could remember her name to report her. BTW, in the US it is not customary to provide that numbing cream even for the elderly or children. One has to request it and fight for it. I think this is horribly wrong. Oh, and they always use the butterfly needle. I’m just wondering if the SS is causing it to get worse.

Start drinking as many fluids, plus the water you normally drink, the day before getting blood test or traveling by plane (this helps with dryness all together!)

I was recently diagnosed with Sjogrens in 2013, but have had symptoms for years without knowing they were connected. It is horrible getting my blood and especially IVs. I had a back procedure and they tried for one hour before they got the IV in. Interesting topic.

I’m sensitive to medications. Sigh. I did drink water the night before, something I don’t usually do. However, I can make a point of drinking water the entire day before the test as well as the day of the test. Surely, I will live in the bathroom! LOL! Would be worth it if it goes a bit smoother. Thank you.

I know every bathroom from Starbucks to every public bathroom at mall, grocery stores, etc. LOL! And because of my constant dry cough, when I cough I "leak" a bit, so Tena "light flow" are now part of my life too!

I have never had problems before, but I did the last time. I needed an MRI with and without contrast. They draw blood to check kidney function beforehand, to be sure your body can eliminate the contrast solution properly. When they went to draw blood for the test, they had a very hard time and eventually used the butterfly needle in my hand to get it. I immediately started drinking water, as the MRI was the next morning. At the MRI they could not get an IV started at all, and had to forego the one with contrast, as they had poked me 8 times. I have not had difficulty prior to this. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

They rarely have trouble getting my blood even though I also have RTA I am on restricted fluid and am probably always a little dehydrated. My veins are right there. I am extremely sensitive to medications and have not been able to tolerate anything so far. I am on prescription potassium and sodium and a blood alkalizer for the RTA.

Kaz said:

It is an interesting subject and it would be great if a few more people with Sjogrens could weigh in on this to see whether it is something common amongst us.

I also find it very interesting that so many of us are either allergic or very sensitive to medications.

Kaz, I was lucky that I was sent to a nephrologist when I first went to the doctor for my sudden spells of extreme fatigue. He is the one who diagnosed the RTA and Sjogren’s. He said that RTA can be associated with Sjogren’s. If my potassium level is at normal levels with prescription Klor-Con, then my sodium level drops so I take sodium tablets, increase my salt intake and restrict fluids so that I don’t dump sodium.